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The Zhongguancun area is sometimes called China's Silicon Valley, because of its many universities and IT-based companies. It also has a score of really big markets, selling anything you can imagine in computers and electronics, and they are all within walking distance from each other.

One market that stands out in the crowd is Zhonghai electronic market, selling used computer stuff and notebooks, which could be convenient if you prefer low prices rather than getting the latest model.

The markets in this area really have anything you could possibly need for you computer. What is more, many of the markets offer cheap computer repair service.

Salespeople and atmosphere

Few of the salespeople speak English. If you find someone who does, however, they are often able to help you even if their store doesn't have what you are looking for. If you are planning to buy something a little more expensive, and don't speak mandarin, it can be wise to bring someone who does. Prices are negotiable.

Shopping in Beijing
(Text updated: 2012-06-04)

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yaya wrote...2018-03-22

hi am looking for good quality hair to buy in bulk .from 16-30inch black ,brown ,blonde etc

Joe wrote...2017-09-03

Call us, 010-67481995 if you have any computer problem. we provide beijing computer repair service.

Oz wrote...2017-04-05

Hello! I'm looking for a repair shop for my nintendo 3ds, is it possible to find there?

Shimeles wrote...2016-10-10

At what price I get laptop? I wann someone help me explain about it? How much yuan does it cost? I am coming from Africa to China. One of the thing which I may have to buy is a laptop. Please help me.

Z wrote...2015-10-02

Shops in Beijing selling Saitek X-55 or other Saitek products?

Rehanul Haq wrote...2015-10-02

Do you sell Android multimedia projectors. kindly quote retail price range.

Leandro wrote...2015-07-08

How about 3d printers in Beijing, where to buy?

Alexski wrote...2015-01-23

Hi, I'm looking for a solarpanel shop/vendor in Beijing. Any ideas? -Thnx

drake wrote...2014-11-05

Do they sell video games? Do i have to bargain or are the prices set?

Sean wrote...2014-03-29

How do the prices on Apple ipad and laptops compare in Beijing to the rest of the worl d markets?

Melisande wrote...2013-11-09

For nightlife, Beijing is deeffrint from Shanghai. Shanghai is all about cool people , while Beijing is all about real people. yes, I'm biased, as I lived in Beijing for four years, but I've also spent lots of time in Shanghai. Beijing has a live music scene that Shanghai doesn't and this includes rock. Beijing is also the traditional cultural center, so you can go see a real Peking Opera, a play, a Chinese classical concert. And yes, Beijing has clubs (although a bit cheesier than those in Shanghai). Beijing is cheaper than Shanghai overall for shopping, but requires more bargaining. Good deals are found at the Hongqiao Market. Must learn how to bargain! Don't buy anything until you have visited many stands. You can get the prices down while you look around, and demonstrate that you know the real price. I disagree with what the other person said. Winter time is as good a time as any, and why not super cheap Yanjing Beer the local favorite.

drake wrote...2013-09-17

Hi! i'd like to sell my traktor soundcard and my ps3, is it possible to find somebody who can buy it in that market?

Joly answered...

Hi drake! There is a second hand electronics store/market near the big intersection at zhong guan cun road. Try to sell it there!

messi wrote...2013-07-25

hey there i want to buy some samsung smart tv from beijing what is the best place to buy it ... im going to do it for business .. where i can get the best rate ..

John Smith wrote...2013-04-09

Hi Want to buy Audi Car Accessories and Electronics, where to find it in Beijing ?

ai de wen wrote...2012-11-24

hi i want to buy cannon photo paper (bulk) please give me some suggestions of suppliers that can be trusted and the shop direction.Thank you so much

kim wrote...2012-11-06

Hi I want to buy a digital camera (canon Power Shot A4000 IS Power Shot A3400 IS) Pls. tell me the prize?

John wrote...2012-11-04

Hi, I am travelling to Beijing on next week and can I buy Diel Shark 9.7? Android 4.0 Tablet or another android 4.0 tablets from Zhongguancun shopping area??

Kim wrote...2012-10-24

Hi there, any cheap winter clothing here? 'll be visiting Beijing this Sunday. Will camp at great wall next week, and need a winter clothes.

chili wrote...2012-10-03

Hi. Where can I find HiFi Shops that sell cables and accessories? I'm also looking for a specific Ipod accessory called Pure i-20. It is an Ipod dock that converts the signal to digital. Thanks!

ecto answered...

you cant here, but you can in moscow:)

Brearypek wrote...2012-09-10

Hello! Ut feugiat nulla eget dui pulvinar sollicitudin. Praesent bibendum malesuada sodales.

student wrote...2012-06-03

is it possible to find macbook pro accessories here?

Chez wrote...2012-05-28

Can you buy larger size clothing

123 answered...

Yashow market maybe.

Karl wrote...2012-05-20

Hi I want to assembly a computer. Which shop in zhong guan cun is more reputable? And are the price listed on zhong guan can website correct or do I still need to bargain lower? Thanks.

Rick wrote...2012-05-16

Hi i am going to Beijing in a few days and i really want to buy a waterproof case for my iphone 4 . do you know where i find a good one?

tanita1985 wrote...2012-05-10

i'd like also to know whether Zhongguancun is the right place to find some specialized equipment for printing house, like printing presses or printing pads, i mean if there are any professional machines for printing there? or perhaps you know where else in Beijing i can find these things, maybe some specialized shops etc. any piece of advice will be useful!!

Shopping in Beijing answered...

You can try to visit this address: 海??永丰产???????228号, it's in the same district as Zhongguancun. The company is called ??京?????印??械???????司 and you can take a look at their website
Good luck!

tanita1985 answered...

thanks for your help!!

tanita1985 wrote...2012-05-07

hi!i'm interested in LED displays for outdoor and indoor use, is it possible to find these things at Zhongguancun??

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Tanita!
Yes, you can most certainly find LED displays for all purposes at Zhonggunancun. If you have a cretin type of display that you are interested in the we suggest you to search for it at and find a store at the list to the right when you have found your product. Or just go to Zhongguancun and look around. One store that sells professional LED display for outdoor use at Zhongguancun have this address: ??京?海??中???贸?子??4B093
Go od luck!

tanita1985 answered...

thanks a lot for such a detailed answer!!! :)

arunesh wrote...2012-03-30

i want to buy a iphone 4s from beijing please tell me what is the lowest i can get for it and which is the best place to by it?

M.Naeem wrote...2011-12-01

Looking in bulk quantity in HP laser toner and parts, Where i go ? email plz.
Best Regards

nello wrote...2011-09-21

ciao I need to buy a motorola xt531 dual sim can you help me?thanks

LamBikie wrote...2011-08-15

Can I buy satellite tv receiver here? Where?

Jacob wrote...2011-06-28

Where do I buy laptop cheaply in beijing. I want a notebook of 500GB, webcam, bluetooth, optical disc,13" and of weight not more than 2.1kgs but at a price not more than 4500¥ Plz help.

coco wrote...2011-06-14

if you negotiate a price, how low should you start? at 50% of the price, the seller tells you?
i'd like to buy an tablet pc but 1999rmb seems to be pretty high - is it reasonable to ask for 800-900rmb?

hassan wrote...2011-04-16

I want MSI 13 inch 0r 12 inch with low price and limited part in Qty=10 how can I get price.

zero wrote...2011-03-29

looking for original iphone 4 in beijing, and whats the going price

Omar answered...

looking for original iphone 4 in beijing, and whats the going price

Behnam wrote...2011-01-31

I need to buy a 2 Tera Internal Hard Disk. I've been in Beijing many times but to be honest I don't trust Chinese people.
Do you think I should buy from them or wait till I go to Low Yat Plaza in Malaysia?
If so, should I go to Zhongguancun or Buynow?
Best Regards,

Shopping in Beijing answered...

We didn't see this post, sorry. A very late reply that might help someone else.
Buying things in China can be difficult and being tricked is not uncommon, especially as a tourist. We have an article related to buying electronics in Beijing that might help you out. Zhongguancun is definitely a better choice if you want a greater variety of things.

Adamu Umar wrote...2011-01-01

I am visiting Beijing 2nd week of Jan. 2011. I will be at the Poly Plaza Hotel. How do I get good and genuine electronics from the Poly Hotel.

Adamu Umar wrote...2011-01-01

I am visiting Beijing 2nd week of Jan. 2011. I will be at the Poly Plaza Hotel. How do I get good and genuine electronics from the Poly Hotel.

Peter wrote...2010-08-25

I am looking for earphones, preferably apple ones or even better, BOSE. Any recommendations in this area I should look at?

Toby answered...

You can find it in any of the buildings here without any problem.

Javier wrote...2010-08-04

Hi, I am interesting to buy a tablet PC (like an i-Pad, but with operative system Windows 7. Do you think is it possible to buy it in this area? Where?

Adrian answered...

Hi! Yes you can surely find it at Zhong guan cun. Like the HP Slate, MSI Winpad P100 or the chinese Hanvon TouchPad B10 are all running on Windows 7. This place have almost everything, but be sure to have enough time to look around since it's a huge place.

Soyol wrote...2010-07-28

Hi. I'm looking for a laptop in Beijing. It's possible old one and also new one. And can I know about laptop's price. Would you send me pictures and prices. If I like it, I will buy it.
Plse write me.

Shopping in Beijing answered...

This website is a guide to Beijing's fantastic shopping and we can not offer information on specific goods. Please visit (it's in chinese) to check prices at Zhongguancun.

Smerdoff-online wrote...2010-07-02

thanks for the interesting information

Rohit Joshi wrote...2010-04-08

My dad is visiting Beijing from 06-12 June 2010, i have asked him to bring a new Sony PSP 3000 series for me...pls advice is it safe to buy from Beijing are there any chances of fake.....also pls advice what is current price of Sony PSP 3000 series in Beijing. Waiting for the reply

David answered...

Hi Rohit, i'm sorry to say it but yes, chances for fakes are high in Beijing. So your father can either try to get a really cheap fake that probably works good for some time or be sure to get a real one by looking for retailers in Beijing at sony's website.

Magnus Dettmar wrote...2010-03-17

Im looking for a REAL iPhone 3gs. Do anyone knows if I can find it here? And if so, to what price?

Adrian answered...

You can go here to check prices of Iphone and everything at Zhongguancun. But you need to be very good to spot a fake from a real one.

mustafa wrote...2010-03-06

where i can found furniture for kitchen in beeji thanksng and a special market for shoes

Edward wrote...2009-11-03

I bought a wireless router for 115 CNY and English-Chinese electronic dictionary (pricy but 15% cheaper than Amazon)... both genuine & good quality. Did not bargain much. I'm satisfied but the charger for my dictionary was missing. Will return soon with the receipt... make sure to check your goods!

A.M.Riyaz Usman wrote...2008-12-28

We are visitn Beijing in the 2nd week of Jan 2009 . Is this the best market for electornic goods or are there others as well ?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi mr. Usman! This is the largest electronic district in Beijing but there are also other markets selling electronics in Beijing.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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