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Yashow Market

Yashow Market

Since January 1, 2015 Yashow market is closed due to renovation. We'll update the article with more information as soon as we know more about the re-opening.

This market is situated at Sanlitun, the popular bar street in the east of Beijing. If you have been to the Silk Market, you will recognize the concept. Shoes, suitcases and handbags are sold in the basement. On floors one, two and three there are mainly designer's clothes, and on floor three there is also a tailor with a large selection of silk and suit cloths. This floor also holds some children's clothes and silk products.

Floor four has a little of everything. Mp3/Mp4-players and other electronic goods, watches, pearls and jewellery, some tea and tea-related stuff, Chinese ornaments and quite a lot of toys. A small beauty salon is squeezed in along one of the walls, offering you to get your eyebrows trimmed, your nails painted and your feet massaged. The prices are low and so is the quality, but after the long walk up to this floor, it can still be relaxing.

Salespeople and atmosphere

Since this market is mainly visited by foreign tourists, its salespeople speak English pretty good.

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Abraham Alvarez Huisa wrote...2017-10-19

Hello my name is abraham, I am from Peru, I am interested in obtaining the contact numbers of the sellers of excellent quality products, my number is +51 970497696

ralevason wrote...2017-06-16

l need smartphone samsung s8 copie ou vrai 2sim prix? adresse box? telephone android haute autonomie baterie

Abu wrote...2015-09-21

I am living at Jiandemen, what route will be suitable for me to go there?

Patricia wrote...2014-10-20

I bought a piar of boots three days ago and after using them once, the heel ripped off. I went back to see if they could give me a new shoe, repair it or give me my money back, and they refused claming they would loose money (what about my money?) and they did not have my size. They wanted to give me just part of the money. I tried to talked with them for over an hour, and it was completely useless. My advice: don't buy any shoes in the stand B1 - 088, in the -1 floor. Besides being cheaters, the qualitie of the shoes is dreadful, I just wore them once before the shoe broke, and I almost did not walk, because I was riding a bike.

Sam wrote...2014-10-12

Does the fourth floor salon offer eyebrow threading?

Emma wrote...2014-07-12

Would you possibly know if there are places to buy scale military model planes/tanks etc? that you build and paint? Like Tamiya plastic models?

Pout wrote...2014-05-31

Hi, can you please enlighten me on where to shop for genuine brands or very good replicas, need to setup an upmarket boutique, please advice. Ive never been to China, is it adviceable to do my shopping online or i just have to go in person? Thank you all in advance

bhim wrote...2014-04-08

i want to buy samsumg s4. How much price?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Current prices range from around 2400 and up. Check for more details.

Jay wrote...2013-09-11

It isn't clear whether I can get a mobile phone to buy at Beijing Yashow market

Wize answered...

Yashow is not a good place to buy phones. They might have but I'm sure the quality is bellow average. Go to Zhong guan cun instead.

Ashleigh answered...

I buy my phones at the Hongqiao market, first floor. I have bought a cheaper Nokia for about 150RMB and an international calling card that works locally as well with 300 minutes for 180RMB.

Bonnie baker wrote...2013-08-28

what is the email for SMILE in the Yashow Market? They were fabulous and I cannot locate the card

cristina wrote...2013-04-02

hello, I am a designer from Australia and looking to buy small quantity of nice silks, any suggestions?

Andy wrote...2013-03-22

Where can I find sanitywear(Kitchen and barthroom taps)in Beijing

Guruh wrote...2013-02-09

I'm visiting beijing this week, maybe have somebody give a information abaout yashow market because near from my hotel. What time yashow market open during chines new year 2013

saeed wrote...2013-01-24

is there any market like this in Hong kong at all?

Robert wrote...2012-12-09

Shopped there for years. Great place with lots of bargins and a lot of quality products this being contrary to some opinions. Also, near Pacific Stores and other high quality shopping such a Nike. Hooters just up the corner if you need a hot wing fix.

shazzy wrote...2012-11-28

Hi, I'm planning to make a visit to beijing this christmast. Can anyone tell me where to look for women customade tailor for dresses that can be ready within 1-2 days ? Something similar like in shi lu poh clothing market in shanghai. Tq.

Robert wrote...2012-11-12

I have shopped at YaShow many years and bought shoes, suitcases, watches, T-Shirts, had some suits and shirts made. The most fun I have is arguing over a price always looking for a bargin. This can be tough when they see a western face but more so if you are a bit large (They think this makes you rich). Great fun. Good DVD store also.

A.M.Riyaz Usman wrote...2012-10-09

Went to Yashow market again on our last visit in August 2012. They had all the fake stuffs there . In Hounshue market we found that they had removed all the fake products fearing police raid . The staff at the stalls said that the Chinese Govt was very strict against selling fake branded goods. I feel that is just a temprory phase. We also went to the new pearl market which is a larger market with better shops etc and had a larger range of fake handbags and branded goods. I strongly feel that the fake market in China is a much larger industry compared to the genuine brands and employs a huge work force.

Steve wrote...2012-09-18

The last time i visited the market in June all the fake goods had been removed? Are they back or have they returned?

Allen answered...

They're back.

mimi wrote...2012-08-13

hi please what shopping centers are close to the hepingli hotel Beijing?

Urban answered...

Hi. Hepingli hotel is near the metro line 5 which you can take to Hong qiao pearl market.

Dena wrote...2012-08-10

i wanna know which is better, silk market or yashow market ?

Olav answered...

I think most people living in Beijing prefers Yashow market.

Faye Bee wrote...2012-08-02

How should we bargain in this shop? are they familiar with English?

Long answered...

Hi! Yes, they are familiar to english and you do need to drive a hard bargain. The 'walk away' is working well for me. Tell them that you have bought a similar thing at another place for x yuan (much lower than what you actually want to pay) and also tell them that you know the product is fake. Start negotiating and walk away when you think you are near the price you want to pay. They will either tell you to come back and accept your offer or ignore you if the price is too low for them. If they ignore you then you can just try another shop since they all sell similar things. Good luck!

Rachael wrote...2012-07-12

Please what shopping malls are close to the CNCC grande hotel Beijing

Jane answered...

I stayed there but I didnt't find any good shopping place nearby. However the subway is near so you will have a lot of choices but you probably have to transfer to another line since few good places are along that line (I think it was line 8). Or take a taxi, it is very cheap.

Jack wrote...2012-07-01

Also wanted to know the opening and closing hours at Yashow Market?

Jane answered...

Look at the top of this page. 9.30am to 9pm but some sellers start closing before since they want to leave the building at 9pm.

J answered...

It doesn't open til 10 am. I was there today and had to wait outside.

Jack wrote...2012-07-01

Where in Beijing will I get wooden photo frames?

sneha mohan wrote...2012-06-05

hey can u name some good stores at the yashow market for clothes , pearls n other accessories n electronic items..??...

tini wrote...2012-05-06

hi, is this market othet name is Rusian Market? Coz some friens recommend rusian market to be visit at beijing, is it the same?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Tini!
The "Russian Market" is called Alien's Street Market and it's a bit south west of Yashow Market. We wrote an article for you about Alien's Street Market, hope it is helpful!

Garth wrote...2012-02-29

I love the Yashow market in Beijing , is there something similar in Guangzhou ?

Anaru wrote...2012-02-02

Hi im wondering if you can buy online from the market or make a order via email and get it delivered to another country? im interested in a bulk order of items. Recently went to this market on a tour but did not have enough time to get what i wanted can anyone put an order in please

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Anaru!
You may try to contact the market through their official website:

Anaru answered...

Do you have an email address i can email? i am trying to buy electronics goods online or work out an arrangement

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi again!
It seems to be tricky to find any e-mail address to Yashow market. You can try Silk Market instead, busines or via their contact form.

pia wrote...2012-01-13

Do you know opening hours for pearlmarket and newmarket during chinese new year? And also any sug.for interesting things to do in Beijing 22-27jan?
Have seen all the "normal"sights already,but any suggestions?

Khuselwa wrote...2011-11-27

Where in Beijing can I buyer copy designer clothing and apparell?Also I'm looking for ladies fashionable wear not branded like suits,dresses,shoes and mens suits.
Which is the most central hotel to stay in in Beijing for shopping 4 star

Johan answered...

Hi Khuselwa!
For copy designer clothing Yashow market and Silk market are both great. For ladies fashionable I would suggest Xidan or the Ladies Street. I just came back from a stay at this hotel: olia_grand_hotel_wangfujing.html Beijing is a big and also very decentrelized city so it's difficult to be near everything, but I had a great stay there and the location was really good.

Junyi wrote...2011-10-16

Hey, I'm looking for a place in Beijing that would sell fake fangs, like the ones that only attach to your canines. Another website mentioned that this place might have it or at least has a good deal of halloween products. Anyone know if its worth going to?

denise wrote...2011-10-01

Hi I am going to shanghai, beijing and would like to purchase jade rings which place is the best to buy this item thanks Denise

Tanya answered...

Hi! I would suggest Hong qiao pearl market, or the new market behind it. They both have a lot of pearl and jade things. Good luck!

Joachim wrote...2011-04-20

On next May 2 (Holiday in China) is it also open 9:30 to 9pm?

Sidney answered...

Yes, they are open almost every day of the year.

betty wrote...2011-04-13

Does anybody know where i can buy table cloths and table skirts for wedding and banquet tables. thanks

sumit wrote...2011-03-23

Hi can anyone tell where in beijing and shanghai will i get true copies of clothes of brands like armani,diesel,ck etc

priceless answered...

Only at the department stores and those with the designers name on the front.

ann wrote...2011-03-04

was there in junelast yr and i enjoyed shopping at yashow. bought great clothes, shoes,bags etc.

catchmeifyoucan wrote...2011-02-09

hi, i m actually looking for something like a doorgift compartment/ tuny vase(as a doorgift) for a weeding guest. Are they being sold in this mall?

maybeimtoolatetocatchyou answered...

Hi, try the fourth floor of this market. They have some ceramics and similar things.

wan wrote...2010-12-25

I am going to Beijing on January 2011. Want to know is there any paintball shop in Beijing? Any Paintball Jersey shop?

moises wrote...2010-10-21

hi... does anyone know if i can buy wholesale in yashow market ...? for example , the leather goods like shoes and belts , or the poloshirts ... could i tell them that i want a specific item with my brand on it....?

Josh answered...

Sorry, but i don't think you can make any clothes with your own brand here. Buying big quantities is not a problem.

A.M.Riyaz Usman wrote...2010-08-28

I think its fun and cheap to shop at Yashow or Hongpalo market ie if you know the art of bargaining . You get great copies of designer handbags, watches etc. It is also good if you establish a good relationship with a shop owner selling pearls you get quality pearls are reasonable rates. I visit China once an year and mostly shop at the same shops so it is very easy for a regular traveler,

ann wrote...2010-07-05

went to yahshow. they like bargaining. if u r not from china they double the price but i got some pretty stuff( most of them fake) but nice

Lisa wrote...2010-04-18

I would like to know more about wholesale market for clothing,shoes>I had been to Yong an Li which I really enjoyed shopping ladies handbag.please let me know other places.

alex answered...

el mercado ruso este es para mayoristas

thithidi wrote...2010-02-26

I think yashow is ok. It only depends on your skill of bargaining and I think bargaining is funny and interesting.

nthabiseng wrote...2009-12-26

in yashow things are really expensive and if they see someone who is not from china they double you with money if you go they cange a prize. why can't thet just put tags on the clothings

mahfuz wrote...2008-07-09

where can i buy good t-shirts (both collared and non-collared) in beijing... and the price range should be below 40 yuan... 25 yuans preferred

Dave answered...

mahfuz: You can buy brand T-shirts at all these markets. Plain no brand T-shirts can also be bought here but you might need to ask the sales people to find it. Also check with the socks and underwear sellers for single colored ones. Prices are all below 40 yuan... after haggling.

Marilyn wrote...2008-04-21

how can I purchases handbags wholesale from Silk Market. Thank you

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Marilyn, you have to visit the Silk Market and talk to the salespeople. If you want to buy large quantities you might want to try to find a real wholesale market. It will help if you speak Chinese or know someone who does. have little experience of real wholesale markets though.

Johna wrote...2008-03-10

Hi Ron! I would say 70 yuan is a good price for a pair of "brand" jeans. 30 yuan is ok for a lacoste shirt but I think you can push the price down 5-10 yuan. Good luck on the battle field!

Ron wrote...2008-03-08

I bought a lot of shoes for the summer at this market. I can recommend shop B1-082 in the basement and I also bought some lacoste shirts (30 yuan each. I don't know if thats a good price.) in shop nr 2213 but many shops sell those shirts. What is a good price for a pair of jeans?

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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