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Wonderful Electronic Shopping Mall

Wonderful Electronic Shopping Mall

It is smaller than its neighbour Bainaohui/Buynow Computer Shopping Mall, but still worth a visit if you are in the area and looking for anything in electronics.

In one section there is also a tea shop, some jewellery and other bits and pieces.

Shopkeepers and atmosphere

Few of the shopkeepers here speak good English but they are very friendly and happy to help.

Shopping in Beijing
(Text updated: 2012-06-04)

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Hazel Hurley wrote...2018-10-09

where in Bejing can i purchase anroid smartwatch?

Encarnacion wrote...2018-08-28

Ace algn tiempo que ped 1 robot aspirador y no sean comunicado con migo para decirme cuando lo rrecivire y ya esta pagado

Encarnacion wrote...2018-08-28

Ace algn tiempo que ped 1 robot aspirador y no sean comunicado con migo para decirme cuando lo rrecivire y ya esta pagado

Joca wrote...2018-08-14

Rdios for amateur ham rdios van i buy in Thais mall?

Z wrote...2015-10-02

Shops in Beijing selling Saitek X-55 or other Saitek products?

Rokade Amol wrote...2014-12-13

Where can I get portable LPG GENERATOR Beijing?

kris wrote...2014-10-07

where to kick scooter for adult and portable gas stove?

badr wrote...2013-09-12

can i find Nikon lenses ? if so, how much are they ? how much could costs a 55-200mm lens ? thank u :D

Khaled Moussa wrote...2013-08-29

Where can I buy samsung tap & I wanna know the price I will visit Beijing thank u for help

David F answered...

Go to Zhongguancun. You can check prices on the Zhong guan cun website:

Liza wrote...2013-04-02

I'm in Beijing. I would love to buy some very high quality wigs.

Guruh wrote...2013-02-09

How are opening time this market during chines new year 2013

Didi wrote...2012-09-13

Hi I m visiting Beijing I want to know where I can buy Apple ipad and how match is cost in Beijing ?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Didi,
There is not a big difference in price between China and the rest of the world when it comes to the iPad. Best place to find it is at Zhongguancun and here you can compare prices.

chelli wrote...2012-06-10

hi,there im looking for psp 3000 where i can find that and i want d original one thanks

ravi wrote...2012-04-14

i want to buy laser projection keyboard ....where ll i get that

Hossam wrote...2011-12-10

going to beijing after a week , where can i find ainol novo 7A ?? ( tablet )

Erland answered...

Check Zhongguancun.

Valeria wrote...2011-10-16

Ejete can i buy communicators for full-face helmets???

Temirlan wrote...2011-10-12

where can I buy playstation 3 firmware version 3.55 is not higher in the Number of 40 pieces

Paul wrote...2011-10-06

where can i buy the Iphone 5

Johan answered...

Hi Paul! There is no iPhone 5 yet... the iPhone 4S can be bought at Zhongguancun.

David answered...

John: the 4S is not out yet... but in mid October. ;)

nello wrote...2011-09-21

ciao I need to buy a motorola xt531 dual sim can you help me?thanks

maurice wrote...2011-03-19

how much are the laptops here

Destiny answered...

You can find laptops (e machines) from around 1 000 yuan and up,

Nash answered...

Can u tell me a place...

Ronin answered...

Several different places but Zhongguancun is the biggest. 1000 yuan is really simple products not really laptops.

Santram Sundar wrote...2011-03-11

visiting Beijing in April. where can I buy cheap portable dvd players, with cord and cordless microphones, 8mm camcoder cassetes, shoes, dvds in english.

Destiny answered...

Check Zhongguancun! They have everything.

hassan metwally wrote...2010-11-04


Emmanule Amakye wrote...2010-08-01

hi , i am looking for a set of woofer machine with dvd player included to buy . i want many quantity

Sharon wrote...2010-06-25

I will be looking to buy a DSI XL and some games also table tennis bats, can l buy them all in the same area?

Aron answered...

Check Zhongguancun or the toy market behing Hongqiao Pearl Market.

saam wrote...2010-06-21

I'm going to visit beijing soon. Where can I find cosmetics & hair pieces for a good price?

Eli wrote...2010-06-14

I intend to visit beijing next week
When can i buy the Chinese Ipad
I mean The Iped (Clone)

nashi wrote...2010-03-30

where can i buy irobot roomba in beijing? the original one?

Adam answered...

Hi Nashi!
If they havent got it at Zhonggunancun then its probably not possible to find in Beijing, so check there first. Good luck!

Tulgaa wrote...2010-03-22

hi , i am interested in Tohsiba core i3 Dual Core 2.13Ghz processer 16 inch laptop, tell me this computer price and how i bought.

Roger Aldover wrote...2009-01-16

Where can I buy battery for HP Pavillion DV 4000 in Beijing tomorrow?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Roger! Check Zhonggunacun.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-12-17

Davaa and Rainer: this site is a guide to Beijing's shopping and we are sorry to tell you that we can not provide you with the information you ask for. The phone number to Wonderful Electronic Shopping Mall is: (+86) 010 - 6599 3308

Rainer wrote...2008-12-16

Hi, i am interested in the price of a lens for my sony Alpha 700: The lens is called Sony AF85 1.4. What is the price for this article if I buy it in your shop??
Best regards

Davaa wrote...2008-11-25

Hello, is it possible to shopping by internet because i want to know some prices first of all.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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