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For many years, the shopping street of Wangfujing has been the pride of Beijing. Its glass facades are perhaps not that remarkable in today's Beijing, but the selection of products ranks among the city's most exclusive and it is said that Wangfujing is Beijing's only pedestrian street.

There are three large markets on this street: Sun Dong An Plaza, Beijing Department Store and The Malls at Oriental Plaza. They all sell mostly designer's clothes but you will also find jewellery, make up, wines and spirits, tea shops, cafés and a whole bunch of Chinese and Western fast food restaurants. The Malls at Oriental Plaza is known as one of the largest markets in Asia.

Anything else you might want to buy is available on the rest of the street.

There are two book stores. The larger one is called Wangfujing Bookstore and has some western literature on the third floor. The slightly smaller one, but with a wider selection of western books, is called Foreign Languages Bookstore. Toys and other children's stuff are available at Xin Zhong Guo Kid's Stuff/Children's Goods Store. A side street, west of Wangfujing, is called Wangfujing XiaoChiJie (Wangfujing Snack Street). Besides snacks, various sorts of souvenirs are available here.

Finally, you should be aware that Wangfujing is not the place to make a bargain. The prices are higher than elsewhere in the city, but on the other hand the quality is, for the most part, good. The street should be looked upon more as a tourist attraction and shows its best side after sunset, in the neon light. Then the food market, Donghuamen Night Market, will be open too. There, you can taste octopus, scorpion and other mysterious food, but also safer stuff like dumplings, exotic fruits and fried banana.

Shopkeepers and atmosphere

Some of the salespeople, but far from everyone, speak English. Most shops here have set prices, which usually makes bargaining useless, but there is no harm in trying.

Shopping in Beijing
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Togieda Ebrahim wrote...2014-08-25

Please help me by finding good hotel in wangfujing street that is a reasonable price we are 9 in total we are from south Africa something nice clean with breakfast for cheap

Mihaela answered...

Sara, how worked wifi at Jade Garden Hotel? Will be in Beijing in a month and I am still thinking...Jade Garden Hotel or Tian An Riga Hotel. Thanks!

Sara wrote...2013-10-04

I really love Wangfujing... I ate KFC there i lost my father 4 2hours... :)

robina wrote...2013-06-07

Hi. Besides Silk Street Market and Yashow market. Where else can i buy fake clothes? I cant afford the originals im sorry. Please answer someone ! Help.

Beijing Visitor wrote...2012-06-08

I will be travelling to Beijing in 2 weeks time. I would like to buy a small screen and some lanterns. Any suggestions ?

Rick wrote...2012-05-16

Hi i am going to Beijing in a few days and i really want to buy a waterproof case for my iphone 4 . do you know where i find a good one?

jant wrote...2012-03-12


Shopping in Beijing answered...


Sherraine wrote...2012-01-04

Where would be the best place to get a man's dress suit taylored in Beijing we will be staying off of Wangfujing street.

Annie wrote...2011-10-02

Hi, we'll be travelling to Beijing in two weeks time and I was wondering if this would be the area where I could buy clothes and shoes for my 10 year old. Thanks.

Koos answered...


Claude wrote...2011-05-04

Wangfujing street has only shopping centers and luxury shops ... In craft and art store you will find many things to buy about chinese culture.
Into a small market you will find typical chinese food and small gift to bring back. Darshilar market (south of Tiananmen Place) is much more interesting ...

amy wrote...2010-12-03

is this street near the hotel shenghao.coz next trip on may2011 i will visit beijing but my travel itnery dont have go to wangfujing if near i can just take a walk to this place.tq

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Amy,
If you'll stay at the Shenhao Hotel in Xuanwu District then it will take more than one hour to walk to Wangfujing. But taxi is cheap and comfortable. Shenghao -> Wangfujing on Google Maps.

Chris wrote...2008-03-20

It's not really relevant to compare the Wnagfujing's clothes to the fake clothes sold at places like silk market and yashow. Both the real and fake clothes are great in their own way but they can't be compared.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-03-19

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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