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HongQiao Pearl Market

HongQiao Pearl Market

Despite the name, HongQiao Pearl Market has more to offer than only its three floors of pearls and jewellery. On the ground floor you will find lots of MP3-players, digital cameras, web cameras, memory cards, DVD-players and various other electronics articles. There is also a large selection of watches and also some silk products, underwear, socks, Mao kitsch, flasks, etc.

On the second floor you will find brand wear, traditional clothes, more silk products, shoes, suitcases and handbags. Many of the shops here offer exactly the same products, which means there are good chances to push the price down if you are good at haggling.

The third floor is divided into two sections. The first section contains traditional Chinese art, ornaments, porcelain and chopsticks. It is in the second section that the Pearl Market proper begins. It stretches to floors four and five, where the shops are somewhat more exclusive than on the third floor.

If you have children, make sure not to miss HongQiao Toy Market, which lies behind the right side of the main building. This building also contains office equipment, Chinese tea sets, red lanterns and some sporting goods.

In May 2008 the market Tianya HongQiao Jewellery Market opened just behind the HongQiao Pearl Market. This new market mostly contains the same kind of products as the original HongQiao Pearl market.

Atmosphere and Prices

HongQiao Pearl Market is a market popular with both Chinese and international visitors from all the corners of the world. All shopkeepers speak English. Those on the first three floors tend to be quite persistent, whilst those on the top two floors are significantly less intrusive.
The asking prices are often quite high so it is important to haggle.

Shopping in Beijing
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abrar wrote...2019-12-10

what is station name of pearl market on subway??

Aaron answered...

Tiantan Dongmen station (Temple of heaven).

abrar wrote...2019-12-10

what is station name of pearl market on subway??

Simon Wilkinson wrote...2019-10-09

I will be visiting China next week and then on to Japan to do some climbing. I would like to buy an ice axe, I know there is an outdoor shop in the Pearl market. Can I buy one there, if not where in Beijing can I buy one?

omar acosta wrote...2019-09-04

i need to find the number for the shop where they have brand name sunglasses AA and AAA quality, can anyone help me ?

Jerry wrote...2018-05-24

I would like contact details or name of a camera shop in the basement of the Pearl Markets. I remember seeing a canon sign, as I was going thru the main entrance from the main road they were located on the right side as you were walking towards the end of the store. If possible a photo of the camera store thank you.

Matt wrote...2018-05-23

hi, where I can buy nike shoes for men through the website Thanks

Pam wrote...2018-01-27

Looking for a contact to Cathie?s Pearls. In the silks area.

umer tariq wrote...2017-09-07

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Madalitso wrote...2017-08-22

Am in Beijing and am residing at Furama Hotel. whats the distance from here and whats the estimated cost for a taxl?

ralevason wrote...2017-06-16

I need telephone gionee M2 how much i s it? thank

Des wrote...2017-06-12

Hey, I'm heading to China soon and I'm wondering if there are any 3D printers and what price I should aim for, along with where I can find them. I'd also like some advice bargaining in the Market. Thanks!


does anyone know the email for Jimmy's shop he sells jerseys (football, soccer, hockey, etc)

Michael Gills wrote...2017-03-30

Brand new in SEALED box DJI Phantom 4 PRO with all accessories. Never opened, never activated. Free shipping! Asking price ?? 1050$ (Up To 60% Off) I also have the (DJI Mavic Pro 4K Drone with Fly More Combo) available for sale, you can message me for more information if you are interested, If you have any questions, you can E-Mail: or text me on (281) 972-0178. Thanks for stopping by!

david wrote...2017-01-24

i would like to warn you from buying watches at a booth under ownership of Peggy. the goods won't last a week!!!

Andreww wrote...2017-01-24

Please I need to buy Samsung J7 phone. Send and email so that chat business especially from USA.

musheke wrote...2017-01-05

I can be reached or contacted via this whatsup line +260977197290.

Musheke wrote...2017-01-05

I would like to be connected to those selling handbags in pearl market. I had the mobile numbers but I lost my phone.

tessa wrote...2016-12-12

pearl market nike shoes are fake u can get them down to around 70yuan so dont pay anything more. also the sports watches down to 100 yuan

Jo wrote...2016-11-29

Is silk market open on Chinese New Year? If so what dates?

Susie wrote...2016-11-13

Does anyone have the contact details for Elvis who sells handbags????

Salma wrote...2016-10-27

We were there in October, 2016. You really have to bargain. They come down in prices quite a bit. Found Polo Shirts for $10 CAD. Saw a long sweater in one store for $1950 rmb and paid $40 CAD. Even the basic silk scarfs for gifts ... don't pay more than $10 CAD each.

Mike wrote...2016-10-15

Hi, I'm looking for good replicas of invicta watches and polo Ralph Lauren's shirts! Any supplier contact me at

Jan R wrote...2016-09-03

Hi, I am looking for the woman who sells Kanken bags. Please write me a her contact. I want to buy another one Kanken bags. Thanks, Jan.

Rototo wrote...2016-07-24

You will find everything but don't hesitate to ask 5 times cheaper or even more!

mahdi iran wrote...2016-06-25

i am mahdi from iran. my friend xia (summer) work in hongqiao. she is a good seller and her product have quality. her mobile phone is: 15010517387 i wish her success

karen wrote...2016-06-14

I am coming to Beijing in July and want to have a few dresses copied from my favourite dress. Does anyone know a good inexpensive tailor who can make copies quickly?

Rod wrote...2016-04-14

Looking for a contact email or phone for Angela's Tailors in the Pearl market. Thanks

Laurie wrote...2016-02-27

I receintly visited the pearl market. I bought fur gloves , fur Vests and fur accessories, from a small vendor. She was located on the second floor. Does anyone have the name. Email or phone number of any vendors selling furs. Thanks so much

Jan wrote...2016-02-22

Need contact info for Yungao Yuan. He was selling pearls, etc at the Pearl Market and I believe is now located in the building behind the Pearl Market.

marta wrote...2016-02-03

Does anyone know if the market opens on the 9th february?

alvan wrote...2016-01-28

need contact information for zoe. last time there she was in 1st floor selling security camera and others. thanks for help alvan

Helen& Jim wrote...2016-01-24

Does anyone know the contact information for Michael Douthat? He is a Chinese white guy, who worked in the market before. I have inquired several times in the market about him, but no one will give me his phone number. They say he only comes periodically, helping different vendors sell items. If anyone has his phone number, he gave us a great deal on 2 iPhone 6's. Would like to deal with him and his partners again.

حس?? wrote...2015-12-13

?? د? سا? پ?ش ا?? بازار را رفت?.اج?اس بس?ار ?ت??ع? ??? با?د ?درت ?ا?? خ?ب? داشت? باش?د ت?ر?با ?ر ???ت? ک? گفت?د با?د ت?س?? بر ?فت ?ا ?شت ?ا ب?شتر ک??د تا ?ر جا ک? فر?ش?د? صدات?? بز?? .??ف? باش?د

Barb wrote...2015-11-26

I am looking for the phone numer for Nancys Pearls @ the Hongqiao Market. Nancy is on the 4th floor. I need to replace a pair of earing I bought in March. Just love them Thx

Looking for Miss Jenny wrote...2015-11-25

We were just in Beijing at the Pearl Market and visited "Miss Jenny" in her shop on the 4th floor. The bag says Ye Ming Zhu - Jenny Chen. Can anyone provide her email, website or phone number please? Would love to connect and possibly place an order for more pearls. She was FANTASTIC!!!

Allen wrote...2015-10-04

I am also looking for BoBo. He had the best quality of watches in Beijing. Phone number or email would be great.

Luz wrote...2015-08-07

The last time I was in Beijing I bought the best quality watches from BOBO, he had a stall at the Pearl Market and his shop was on the building located behind the pearl market. If anyone has his location or e-mail address I would like to have it...Please...Thank you

kriss wrote...2015-05-31

Hi..where van i buy a gud nikon cam in beijing? pearl market?

karla wrote...2014-11-21

does anyone have Sharon and Lisa email address from shop 209 on second floor of pearl market...i have the card but they keep bouncing you have a different one? thanks

Bennis wrote...2014-10-26

Hello, Im looking to buy Fur. I remember doing business in Pearl market last Year. If i remember well the shop was in the 3rd floor. Can get her phone number and email address ?

shanda wrote...2014-10-13

I am looking ofr LEGOS and need to know if the are good quality at the pearl market..where to buy for good prices

Joyce answered...

It's not real Lego, the real lego is more expensive there than in Canada, we noticed double the price. The fake lego is more difficult to put together and don't always fit together nicely.

Kirk wrote...2014-09-04

Can you tell me if Ken's Pearls on the 4th floor has a phone number that I can call? thanks.

karla answered...

mobile 13501279301, telephone (86-10)67179322

Michael wrote...2014-07-09

Hello, I am looking for the email or skype info for a man named Kolia Zhang. He used to work here and sold electronics. I am a businessman and used to do business with him in the past but since cannot contact him. Thank you.

Gloriajean wrote...2014-04-28

I'd like the name of the jewelry store on the fifth floor of the pearl market and an email address it's the store where Bill Clinton shops I was there but ran out of time. The stores were closing I saw a necklace and would like to make a purchase

Gloriajean wrote...2014-04-28

I'm trying to find the name and email address of the jewelry store on the fifth floor that Bill Clinton goes to at the pearl market in Beijing I'd like to make a purchase

Bev answered...

Sharon's Store

ali wrote...2014-04-14

I would like to buy a large quantity of pearl earrings. How can I get in touch with shops within pearl market?

odgerel wrote...2014-03-14

hi. i am looking for cheap pearl . how much 1 kg pearls in beijing?. where is pearls shop address?

Yxaber wrote...2014-02-22

Hello, please tell me about any shop selling Costumes for Animation and Comics Fair in Beijing. Cosplay - short for 'Costume Play' - is inspired by manga, anime or comics characters - originated in Japan and has grown in popularity among youth China and other countries. I want to buy 3 clothes. THANKS!


In the basement of the Pearl Market not far from Steven Electronic Store is a shop that makes and sells all kinds of cosplay wigs. They do not speak English but I had no problem dealing with them. I paid 100rnb for each wig I bought. As for anime and cosplay wear I didnt see any and I was looking for a OnePiece phone case and I was only able to find one after hours of inquiries, every few of the stores knew what I was looking for. I hope this was helpful.

M&M answered...

Hello, DO you have Steven Electronic phone number or e-mail address? I like to get intouch to buy some electronics. If any one have any INFO, please let me know. Thanks!

FondaBarruera wrote...2014-02-15

I am travelling to Beijing in April and looking to shop at the Pearl Market for Tory Burch shoes and LV handbags. Can anyone suggest a good stall in the market for both these designers? Is the market open on Sundays?

Daniel wrote...2014-01-15

I know that Pearl market in Beijing should be closes from the 30 of January 2014 but when do they open again?

SwedeMagnus wrote...2013-11-01

I was in Beijing a few Days ago, and did some shopping at HongQiao. I'd like to get in Contact with the great sellers in 209 - Lisas store, or Lisa & Sharon, or something similar. Can somebody post an e-mail address.. Regards, //Magnus

Linda Danesi answered...

Hei,jeg reiser 3 ganger i året til Beijing,og har handlet flere ganger hos Lisa209.Jeg har kun e-mail til naboenCashmere shop 208.De kan jo formidle beskjed eller eller mobile:13901136086/
13501092818 med 0086 foran.Jeg reiser i mars til Beijing.Hilsen LINDA

lloyd wrote...2013-09-04

Does anyone know if this is the building where the Pearl store FAN CHUN QUAN is located? I am trying to find a match to a necklace my clients bought there last month

Anita wrote...2013-08-11

I visited a shop on level 5... I think it was "Ling Ling". Does anyone know there email address?

Gail answered...

This is the BEST store in the market. The quality and prices are very good!

mahdi wrote...2013-08-07

i am mahdi from iran. my friend xia (summer) work in hongqiao. she is a good seller and her product have quality. her mobile phone is: 15010517387 i wish her success

louboutin replica wrote...2013-08-02

Head coach Philip Doyle has named a 26strong squad squad for the warmup match ahead of this year's eagerlyawaited Championship louboutin replica

Linda wrote...2013-05-11

Does anyone know what floor Nancy is on? She sells pearls and other types of jewelry.

Bill answered...

She is on the 4th floor.

Chelsie wrote...2013-05-06

I am looking for Jenny lily no. BW -02 2/ floor , anyone know if she is still in hongqiao?

Anna answered...

She left unfortunately.

Ashleigh answered...

She was shut down. You can visit Cindy and Ella in that same back market, 4th floor I think the store number is D4

Jerry Johnston wrote...2013-03-22

We visited the Pearl Market in April 2012 and bought Pearls from jeweler we thought was named Ken's Jewelers. He offered a discount because we worked for American Airlines. Not sure if this is the name of his Store or not??? I know this is a longshot but maybe you could help?

Lisa answered...

I always shop at Ken's in the Pearl Market. He gives great rates for airline crew,. His e-mail address is

Felicia Walker wrote...2013-03-21

I wanted to know if you can order online (watches) from Pearl Market and have it mailed to United States? Thanks Felicia

sarah wrote...2013-03-09

I'm going in march and I'm looking for golf t-shirts for men and women does anyone know what prices they might charge?

sarah wrote...2013-03-09

I'm going in march and I'm looking for golf t-shirts for men and women does anyone know what prices they might charge?

sarah wrote...2013-03-09

I'm going in march and I'm looking for golf t-shirts for men and women does anyone know what prices they might charge?

Nadja wrote...2013-01-11

Hello! How are the opening times for the market during Chinese New Year 2013? We are visiting feb...

clare answered...

Closed from Feb 8-13

sandra wrote...2012-12-17

I was at the pearl market this past May and got some shoes Tory Burch and Toms the girl was in the center and she had a huge selection can some one give me her email or website, i lost her card. thanks

scott wrote...2012-11-18

yes I am a united airlines flight attendant and have missed place my card for stevens shop would you happen to have his email and contact information thank you

Kevin answered...

Steven's email:; tel: (0086) 010-67169768

Courtney wrote...2012-10-30

I am leaving for China on Thursday and plan to spend a lot of time in the Hongqioa market. Do they sell North Face and Uggs?? Do you get a better price if you haggle in Chinese?

Joshua answered...

Hi. Yes, Hongqiao sells both North Face and Uggs. My experience is that the sellers think it's fun when you speak Chinese to them but it doesn't help very much. What helps is when you show that you are used to haggling and know that the opening price is ridiculesly high.

Ronald answered...

I agree, once they know you can get them down in price, I also would recommend to come closer to closing time and know your price. Be ready to present your cash at your price, they use haggling as a way to prolong the process. Also tell them you work/live in Beijing, then you dont look like you are time pressured like most tourists

Carissa wrote...2012-10-12

Hi, i'm looking for top grade cheap womens/girls winter jacket i.e trench coat etc (quality fake winter coat). Can you suggest me a good place to buy.

Giani wrote...2012-09-19

Hello, I am looking for e-mail of Jun Jewelry, at 4th floor. I am trying but it returns to me. So, if you can please send me an e-mail of Jun Jewelry or ask to contact my e-mail Thank you

Kim wrote...2012-09-11

Does anyone in the Pearl Market or the Silk Market sell ExOfficio?

Dk wrote...2012-08-31

I was just told that the purse and watch vendors at Pearl Market aren't there anymore due to a crack down on sellers of knockoffs. I am going there in november And want to go back to my favorite booths. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, suggestion of another place.

nic answered...

try silk market, its like the same

Kim H wrote...2012-08-20

I will be arriving on 31 Aug around 5:00 pm. Can you tell me how close the pear market is to my hotel (Double Tree Hilton, XuanWu District, and how late they are open? Thank you.

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Kim!
The Hongqiao Pearl Market is open until 7:00 pm. Your hotel is located about 10 km or a bit over 6 miles away from the Pearl Market. With taxi the trip can take anything from 20 min to one hour depending on the traffic and what way the taxi driver chose. Hope you enjoy your stay in Beijing!

Suge wrote...2012-07-18

Hi, Does anyone know where to find Polarn O. Pyret children clothes in Beijing? I know they are manufactured in China, but I have never found them on the markets yet. Thank you:)

paola answered...

hello, have you found POP clothes in Beiijing?

Oskar answered...

Almost all brands are made in China, India, Bangladesh or somewhere else in Asia but that doesn't mean they are sold here.

Stacey wrote...2012-07-09

Hi, I am looking for cheap Lego or replica toys and replica luxury bags/belts/shoes. Can anyone help? Thx

Jennie answered...

Hi! Just visit Hong qiao Toy Market for the Lego and second floor of regular Hong qiao for the bags/belts/shoes. Remember to bargain. The Toy Market is to the right/behind the regular Hong qiao.

Jason wrote...2012-06-27

Which market sells Tommy Bahama pants? I know Yashow market, silk market, and pearl market sell Tommy Bahama shirts but I want to find the pants

Irina wrote...2012-06-13

Can you tell me direct e mail and tel. number of the shop of perals on 5th floor: there is famous shop with photo of Bill Clinton with the owner? It is near the shop that name starts with "Facia" or somthing. If you answer directly to my e mail address, i will send you a picture of the owner with Bill Clinton. I bought something from them and I would like to buy more. Thank you. Name of the owner is like Jane, or, may be the name of the person who dealt with me


Which floor have Moncler jackets ?


Which floor have Ugs does at pearl. Market

Fred answered...

Maybe second? They do have shoes there.

Somani wrote...2012-04-21

Which market in Beijing sells Ugs shoes an what floor

Gamp answered...

I think Hong Qiao sells Ugs at the second floor. Yashow market sells them in the basement and Silk Street also sells ugs but i don't know at what floor.

Barbara wrote...2012-04-12

Can anyone tell me the name and contact for the seller in roo 4109. I would like to contact them thank you

J. Ouellette wrote...2012-03-15

Canyou tell me Cathie pearls e mail address. I believe she was on 5th floor. Very nice , honest I would like to order and correspond. Thank you!

Karyn answered...

Cathie Jewelry, No. 5618 5th Floor. Hongqiao Market. Local Tel: 13910740429. Email: or

Miley wrote...2012-03-12

I would like to contact the sellers at boot 142 on 2nd floor of pearl market. An email address would be great. They have the best bag selection!

miley answered...

boot "one-four-two"

Irma wrote...2012-02-28

Who sell semiprecious stones in Hongqiao market?

Irma wrote...2012-02-28

I need buy mabe pearls in hongqiao market, who sell this?

Jane wrote...2012-02-14

Is there a store called Amelys Pearl on the fourth floor? If there is, would you have their phone number?

Dick answered...

Im looking for her phone number or E Mail too.
We would like to order more from her.
Canadian number 403-453-7135

Jackline wrote...2012-02-13

2 years ago I bought a Matryoshka russia wooden doll at Pearl Market. My friend told me that there's a russian shop not far from silk market sell russian souvenier. What's the street/store name ?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Jackline!
The market you are referring to is most probably Alien's Street.
Enjoy your stay in Beijing!

Jackline answered...

I've checked the map, seems the location behind Silk Market, how far is it from Silk Market, is it walking distance ?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

It's a 20 min walk from Silk Market to Alien's street, about 2 km (1.3 miles).

Clare wrote...2012-01-27

I would like to contact Steven, the popular electronic guy on the first floor. Would you happen to have his email address?

karyn answered...

Hi, Clare, i was just there the other day. Steven's business is doing so well he has opened a second larger shop in the 'new' Pearl Market next to the original HongQiao Pearl Market. His email address is: and his telephone number is (0086)010-67169768

sovia wrote...2012-01-09

i have lost the number for kens pearls......on the top floor any way you can find it for me....thanks much

Karen Stewart answered...

Ken's Pearls is #4106 on the fourth floor. His email address is

Ivonne wrote...2011-11-22

I changed my plans so I will go from Dec 3 to Dec 10. I would like to know the time to visit the HongQiao Pearl Market and the Silk one... what else do you recommend?
thank you!

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi again!
It depends on what you are looking for. For clothes we can recommend the Xidan area which is completely different and according to us more interesting than the more "touristy" places such as HongQiao and Silk Market. There is absolutely nothing wrong with HongQiao and Silk market (when you have gotten used to the aggresive sellers) but Xidan is just more fun. Houhai lake and the Tea street are interesting as well but in a very different way from the traditional shopping areas.

Ivonne wrote...2011-11-09

Hi! I will go to Beijing on Chinese New Year and I would like to know if the stores are open on that date or if the commerce works on that date. I will arrive on January 20 until January 28. Thank you!

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Ivonne!
The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, starts at January 23rd. So for two days you should be able to shop at Hong Qiao Pearl Market as well as at the other markets. From the 23rd they will be closed for 5 days, then be open between 10 am to 5 pm for the next two days and after that it's back to normal.
Have a nice trip!

Valeria wrote...2011-10-16

Ejete can i find communicators for full-face helmets? Thanks.

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Valeria!
Try the Feng Huo Lun Motorcycle store. We are told they have a wide selection of motorcycle related products such as helmets and we suppose they also have communicators. You can print the address to Feng Huo Lun Motorcycle or visit their website (in Chinese).

Wilma wrote...2011-10-10

How many Tailors are in the market

Martin answered...

Hi, I might be wrong but I don't think they have any tailor at Hongqiao.

Arni wrote...2011-09-18

HongQiao Pearl Market - Beijing-- Is there any way to claim against shop number 221(electronics & phones) the lady in this shop is a real crook and fraudulent.
Is there addresses of the shops and managments of markets?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Arni,
If it's possible for you to go back to the shop then the lady will certainly give you the money back for whatever it was that you bought. That they sell fake products is a problem for buyers but contacting the management will probably not help much. We're sorry to say that do not store the addresses of all shops, to contact them try:

lindsay wrote...2011-08-21

do they sell lego at the market

Jeremy answered...

Hi, I'm not sure but i think they sell it at the kid store just behind the pearl market (not the big new pearl market but the small kid store between the new and old pearl market).

Annie wrote...2011-08-16

Can you please let me know if the Yuanlong Silk Shop in Tian Tan Road is still open or if it has shifted elsewhere?

Jeremy answered...

Yes, it's still at the corner opposite to Hongqiao.

Kerri wrote...2011-04-25

What time is the market open and closed during the week and on the weekend?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Kerri
It's the same times every day. Currently 9am to 7pm.

sharon wrote...2011-03-31

the best shop in the pearl market is Echo and Ming shop
first floor no'243
they are just great!!!
highly recommended

yair milter answered...

wish i had her e-mail...

shishshish wrote...2011-03-26

Is the Pearl Market open on Sunday? What hours?

Lyana answered...

It's the same hours every day. Besides post offices and banks there's no big difference between weenkday and weekend in Beijing.

Mahid the kid answered...

Same hours every day, 9.30am - 7pm. Sundays are not that special over here. :)

Lynna wrote...2011-03-10

Hi, I like to find some nice handbags which is the AAA types.. Do u think it will be available at the silk market or the hong qiao market are better??

Nicky wrote...2011-01-24

Will the pearl market be open on friday 4th feb & saturday 5th feb 2011 during chinese new year?

markisa wrote...2011-01-17

will go to beijing on mac's the weather during march? and where can i get cheap souviener?

Chris answered...

The weather is quite nice. A bit cold but spring is coming and it's about 15 Celsius (about 60 Fahrenheit). Visit third floor of this market or Yashow if you prefer a bit calmer sellers.

Nancy wrote...2010-11-16

Where is the best place to shop for good digital camera's, leather boots (motorcycle type), and better quality cloths.

Vera answered...

Hi Nancy!
For digital cameras you should visit Zhongguancun but try to make sure that you get worldwide warranty if you are not staying in Beijing for a long time. And try to use it as much as possible while you still are in Beijing to make sure it works properly.
For leather boots try Silk market or Yashow market. Yashow have a bit better quality according to me.
Good luck!

mark wrote...2009-03-10

I know the hongqiao pearl market...our company have a store in the market.

sabine answered...

i am looking for a market in beijing where i could find sheap nice special toys.
would you know any good adress?

jimmy answered...

sabine, what kind of toys are you looking for?

ciela wrote...2008-05-31

how's the best way to haggle?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Cieal, there are many different ways to haggle but the best way is to actually know the price of what you want to buy. If you've not allready read this article about bargaining, check it out.

Daniel wrote...2008-05-11

This is a great place to go shopping - I believe it to be better than Silk Street. I enjoyed my day in this market, got a heap of great stuff at fantastic prices - the DVD shop next door (under KFC) is also a must-see.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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