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Buynow Computer Shopping Mall

Buynow Computer Shopping Mall

Even though this place is not as large as the shopping malls at Zhongguancun, as far as electronics goes you will most likely find whatever you are looking for, whether that is laptops, printers or digital cameras. You can also find web cameras, MP3/MP4-players, computer speakers, USB memory cards, hard drives and any other hardware you might need for your computer.

Shopkeepers and atmosphere

Some shopkeepers speak English and are happy to help, even if you are looking for something that isn't sold in their shops. The prices are not always fixed so be prepared to bargain or at least negotiate even if the product has a price tag.

Shopping in Beijing
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Peng wrote...2019-10-19

I want to buy new laptop and new mobile phone with reasonable price in Beijing prefer to be the shop nearer with Beijing Normal University. Thanks.

Peng wrote...2019-10-19

I want to buy new laptop and new mobile phone with reasonable price in Beijing prefer to be the shop nearer with Beijing Normal University. Thanks.

Shay wrote...2016-10-20

Hello. Do you know if they sell tablets such as Teclast, Chuwi, Cube and others?

BNSATYAM wrote...2016-02-27

Dear sir , i want to buy lot of material so please tell me easy way sir

Z wrote...2015-10-02

Shops in Beijing selling Saitek X-55 or other Saitek products?

Mick wrote...2015-08-04

Hi - anyone know where best place to find mini FM radios? Preferably an over-the-ear single ear unit with ear speaker (ie no wires to earphone). Thank you!

Indy wrote...2014-10-11

Hello ! I am currently in Pekin, and the Sigma lens of my camera died today :-( Do you think that I could find it at Buynow Computer Shopping Mall ? And would it be around the same price than this site : ? Thank you (this website is really great, by the way ;-)

Indy answered...

Hello again !
Sorry for my very late answer (I'm now back home from vacations), but I just wanted to thank you very much for your help ! By following your suggestion I could find what I needed and I had the chance to take many pictures and videos again ! You've saved my holidays :)
So thank you very much again and I hope to meet you some day.
Greetings from Belgium,

Oppo wrote...2014-04-29

Hi! Where can I buy Oppo blu-ray players in Beijing? Thanks.

antonio wrote...2014-03-18

Hi there, someone knows where could I fix the glass of a samsung tab3? Now, it's broken. Thanks

Jesper answered...

Go to Zhongguancun and ask someone at the stores there. I'm sure they can help.

antonio answered...

Thank you!!

Marcos wrote...2013-09-30

Hello! Very welldone site! I want to buy the new samsung galaxy note 3, 32gb ram. Which store can you suggest? Prices? Thank You very much!!

Adrian answered...

Go to Zhong guan cun and here you can search prices It's in chinese but just search Galaxy Note 3 and you will get a hint of what prices you can expect when you get there. Godd luck!

Marcos answered...

Thank you Adrian!!

duku wrote...2013-09-26

hi can i find there POS for cashiers and some cashier tools? and do they tell the final price firstly?

kamrul wrote...2013-07-20

hi, i am moving to Beijing on 21 jul for only 2 days. i want to buy a good tab and laptop. whats the best places and price? also which one is the place where can i get all electronics accessories?

Arram answered...

Guess I am too late but maybe it'll help someone else. Go to Zhongguancun they have it all! Sorry, can't help with prices though.

Kaustubh wrote...2013-03-27

I would like to have my HTC HD2 touchscreen repaired. Can you help me with right shops in beijing

Naz wrote...2012-12-29

We went to Buy Now Computer Mall and DO NOT USE the ATM machine there. It gave us all fake notes and it was inside the actual mall. If you need cash make sure you get your money from an actual Bank!

Nikhil wrote...2012-11-17

Can i have good quality custom made clothes is here like that is provided by ravens international, rajas and many others in Hong Kong?

Maxx wrote...2012-11-06

Where can a find a good deal on 7" or 10" android tablets, I'll be in Beijing on the 25th.

Toner wrote...2012-10-24

BuyNow's hours are actually 9:00am to 20:00, rather than 20:30 as given above.

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Thanks Toner! The information has been updated.

van wrote...2012-08-12

hi! is it possible to export football shoes from beijing?or i should go to guanzhou for better price?

yami wrote...2012-07-04

hellow im on vacation to china and im looking for xbox 360 games to buy where is the best place to find them??

melvin wrote...2012-02-25

do you know where i can find AV-DVI cables for ps3 in beijing market? my dorm's tv cannot used HDMI cables

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Melvin!
You can probably find a AV-DVI cable/adapter here at Buynow computer market. You say dorm, maybe you live in Haidian district? If so then go to Zhongguancun instead - closer to you and they defiantly have a lot of AV->DVI cables and adapters. Good luck!

kambakhsh modarresi wrote...2012-02-17

Hi Dear,
How can i buy flash memory in beijing with best price for a lot , 1000 pieces ?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Kambakhsh!
Go to Zhongguancun and ask as many sellers as you want about what they can offer and what price they can give you. 1000 pieces puts you in a good bargaining position. Good luck!

Adrian answered...

Go to Zhongguancun in north west Beijing. They have million small stores there and anyone would love to sell a 1000 pieces so just walk around and ask who is willing to give you the best price. They have a page about Zhongguancun at this site...

TERERAI wrote...2011-11-19

can i find ps3s in the shop

Orgen answered...

As mentioned by others before, Zhongguancun is a more safe choice.

Dingo answered...

Zhongguancun is fantastic. I recommend it for anyone that goes to Beijing and want to shop cell phones, SLR cameras, laptops etc. etc...

damjan wrote...2011-11-19

I need email on their shops but I can not read the Chinese menu
anyone have an email from them
wery thanks i need yuts email
LP Damjan

Darin answered...

That's a link to a collection of stores, most of them at Zhongguancun. Search for what you want, click the product and see the stores selling it to the right. Most stores does not write e-mails, but just phone number and QQ.

Ana wrote...2011-10-22

Will I find a sim card slot for my blackberry bold 9900? I just broke it

Junior answered...

Hi Ana! Check Zhongguancun.

Ana wrote...2011-10-22

Will I find a sim card slot for my blackberry bold 9900? I just broke it

sherif wrote...2011-10-16

what is the price of iphone 4 and does iphone 4s released there now? also what is the price of samsung sII i900?

Temirlan wrote...2011-10-12

where can I buy playstation 3 firmware version 3.55 is not higher in the Number of 40 pieces

nello wrote...2011-09-21

ciao I need to buy a motorola xt531 dual sim can you help me?thanks

mesaki lema wrote...2011-09-11

please can i know ranging prices for laptop computer,especial sumsung,hp,acer,toshiba andlenovo ?

Junior answered...

this site compare prices of electronics in Zhongguancun, Beijing:
For laptops check: bcate16_list_1.html
Good luck!

Paul wrote...2011-09-11

I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Beijing. Where is the best place and waht price?

Junior answered...

current prices range from about 3600 yuan for the P7510 to over 4500. Check p;keyword=Samsung+Galaxy+Tab

Ray wrote...2011-06-24

I mean books for someone to study and learn these applications.

Ray wrote...2011-06-24

Do they sell books and CDs there, like Office 2003 etc.,?

Junior, answered...

Hi. I don't think they have anything like that in english. Check the foreigner bookstore at Wangfujing.

margie wrote...2011-05-28

i am looking for a decent laptop but more cheaper price.

Hanna wrote...2011-01-31

Hi! thx for the info! I was wondering how much is ipod touch and ipad in this mall?

piumi wrote...2010-11-01

can you tell me the price of the
Hp Compaq G62-363 TU in China

David answered...

Maybe the G62-363 is called something else in China? Because i can't find it.

sherif wrote...2010-10-01

iam visiting beijing, can i buy an original unlocked blackberry at your mall?

perpetual wrote...2010-08-03

can i find digital notepads or digital writing pads there?

daniel answered...

Yes you can!! its a great shop plus it sells original things

Felipe wrote...2010-07-02

can I find iPads on this store? I'am trying to find these one in China, it's hard :/

daniel answered...

yup You can find ipads the price tag for a wifi 16 gb is 3800 yuan if you bargain
they also sell iphone 4 which costs 4500 yuan
its the place for everything apple so whatever apple you are looking for u can find it there

deepshankar wrote...2010-05-17

what is the cost of a laptop in Beijing?

Johny answered...

Of course it all depends on what you are looking for but you can find laptops at Zhongguancun from 2000 yuan and up.

seyi wrote...2010-04-14

can i find laptops there at about $100?

Sahid answered...

You can find the Eee notebooks for around $120-150.

SSW wrote...2010-04-10

Distance from Wangfuijing to Buynow computer mall

Shopping in Beijing answered...

The distance between Buynow Computer Shopping Mall and Wangfujing pedestrian street is about 4 km or 2.5 miles by car.

Clau wrote...2009-04-08

I an going to travel to Nanjing University
in summer and I would like to get a laptop. How can i get it

Stevie answered...

Nanjing is a big city i am sure you can find a laptop store there.

Han wrote...2009-03-07

hey ,how far is this mall from the radisson hotel inbeisanhuan Road chaoyang district pls.thank u

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Han! The hotel and this market both are in the same district but the hotel is in the north and the market in the south of the Chaoyang district. It's roughly 5km (3 miles) between them.

Ben wrote...2009-02-12

andre: You can find real Iphones as well as fakes. The real ones are a little bit cheaper than back in the states however i don't know if they're sold unlocked.

andre wrote...2009-02-10

can i find iphones there ? what's the final price?

daniel answered...

you can the final price if you bargain is 4500 yuan i bought mine with that price

Ananda wrote...2008-06-29

This site is great, can you tell me that products are genuine (I need to buy a good Canon D40 digiital camera and a lence) is there is a better market than this in Beijing to buy electronics products whic is closer to Beijing Xinyuan Hotel,No 6 Shifangyuan,Haidian District,Beijing

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Ananda! Sorry, but we don't have the guts to tell you if something is real or fake. Even though the potential of a product being real is higher for more professional equipment (like the Canon D40) than for cheap popular equipment (like the iPod Shuffle), only a few people know the truth about each specific product. Zhongguancun is a little bit closer to the hotel you're referring to and the range of electronic equipment is huge there. You might also want to check out the Beijing Camera City (Chinese name and address).

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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