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Beijing Glasses City

Beijing Glasses City

At the southeastern part of the Third Ring Road is a small, modest bystreet. The street ends at a four storey-building which is best described as a paradise for every four-eyed person.

Just while strolling down the narrow street, you will find ten or so glasses shops. These small shops contain everything necessary to make a pair of eyeglasses. The shops in the building, however, rarely handle the eye-testing and glasses- production. This takes place in a room in the building next to it.

If you have a pair of glasses with the correct strength for your eyes, be sure to bring these with you. In that case, their strength can be read and a new pair can be made without you having to test your eyes. A glasses perscription can also be used and even if they usually manage to understand the perscriptions values even if they can't understand the language the perscription is written in. If neither have glasses nor a perscription with you, you can still find a good pair. Just seek out a pair of frames you like, and the staff will help you with the eye-testing without any extra charge.

Salespeople and atmosphere

Some salespeople speak English. If you find a pair of frames in a shop with non-English-speaking staff, you can buy the frames there and then let a shop with English-speaking staff take care of the lenses. Prices are negotiable and range from about two hundred yuan and upwards, depending on which frames and lenses you choose.

Shopping in Beijing
(Text updated: 2011-04-12)

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SHOKAT wrote...2021-02-03

Iam looking for Doran optic in silk market for my glasses

Sheila wrote...2018-01-12

Does anybody know if the eyeglass shops sell wire rim glasses with no frame around the lenses?

Patricia wrote...2016-11-12

OK?this may sound dumb but after I exit the subway station Exit A where do I turn? I am still trying to learn my way around town. Btw, could you confirm the subway station? I have read two articles now with different subway stations.... Thank you!

Ronnie wrote...2016-03-01

So, based on all of these comments regarding optical stores, does anyone know if Annie's optical is still open - located behind the Pearl Market

Gary answered...

I bought nice sunglasses from "Annie Eye Wear" on 21 Aug 2019 at the Tianya New Pearl Market so she was there then... I'd like to order more glasses so if you have learned how to contact her, Please let me know. The email on the receipt was "Annie". I'm supposing you have to eliminate the spaces between Annie and the set of numbers. I just sent her an email at "" and will see if she responds. A phone number appears on the receipt as well, "15801269570".

Alfanti Simona wrote...2015-10-08

Il giorno 15-09-2015 ho ordinato 1 paio di occhiali ray-ban pagandoli con la Visa e avevo interesse nel sapere quando dovrebbero arrivare Dato che nel vostro avviso era stimato l'arrivo in data 21-09-2015 ( 7 giorni lavorativi) l'indirizzo è : Alfanti Simona Via Giorgio de Chirico N°3 Voghera 27058 Pavia Italy Spero di avere vostre notizie. Distinti Saluti Alfanti Simona

Discount Sunglasses wrote...2014-04-16

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Michael wrote...2014-03-29

Which shop would you recommend to have new prescription lenses put in an existing pair of glasses?

Mike wrote...2013-09-15

I liked store number 312 -- the staff spoke just enough English and even adjusted the lens when it didn't seem just right the first time. Spent 225 for a pair.

johan wrote...2013-08-02

Is it possible to get a hold of a pair of moscots fake or originals?

Anon wrote...2012-12-08

I went to this market today. It's totally wtf, how is there this much demand for glasses. Two buildings both 4 stories and it's ALL glasses and sunglasses. I think they are legit or at least more legit because name brands eg. Tag Heur, Armani were like $4000-8000 yuan. The chinese brands were around $200 after bargaining.

david wrote...2012-11-06

Does this Beijing Glasses City still exist there?

Anne answered...

Yes, thet sure do! ;)

Anne answered...


hussam kmael answered...

Beijing Glasses City why you dont answere me

hussam kmael wrote...2012-08-21

please Im looking for glasses building for holesale becuse i want to buy Thousands glasses

hussam kmael answered...

because always I went to guangzhou many times and I like anew market ....... thank you

tom wrote...2012-03-10

Can they fill a written scipt or do you need a pair of glassess

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Tom!
Thanks for the input, we will update the text. You can absolutely bring a written script. In most situations they manage to figure out what the diffferent values mean even if they don't understand the language the script is written in.

Ann wrote...2011-11-05

I am interested in buying black pearl earrings and jade bracelets in Beijing. Any recommendations?

Louise answered...

Hello Ann! You will have no problem finding that here in Beijing. I would suggest a visit to Hongqiao pearl market. They both have pearls and jade, I guess the price is about 20-30 yuan each after bargaining. Good luck!

jane wrote...2011-10-16

Is it possible to find Carl Zeiss eye lenses ?
Progressive Lenses
Bifocal/Trifocal Lenses
Single Vision Lenses

Richard answered...

Hi. A late reply but maybe it will help someone else. I don't know about Carl Zeiss but they do have progressive, bifocal and single vision lenses.

darren wrote...2011-09-26

I am looking for model trains HO (people) and rolex (imitation) and good CANON SLR Lenses
Also eye glasses
Any help will be greatly appreciated

Louise answered...

Hi Darren! You will find rolex imitations at the Hongqiao Pearl Market and eye glasses at the place in this article (Beijing Glasses City). I don't know about the others. Good luck!

Kcc wrote...2011-08-14

I want to give my glasses to a friend to get me a pair made. What is the quality like?. I had some made in Hong Kong once and they were never any good, but maybe because I had my eyes tested there.

Angela wrote...2011-08-07

Hi I want to buy circle lens where can I buy?

Jan answered...

Just for 隐形眼镜 (yinxingyanjing) or find a seller that speaks english. Almost all stores sell it.

oscar wilfredo lopez bari wrote...2011-04-07

i need to now prices of aros for eyeglasses. i want to buy
a big cuantity

Fernando wrote...2010-04-24

Is there any place like the Home Depot where i can buy construction supplies for homes in Beijing

Donato answered...

Yes, B&Q

aneez wrote...2010-04-04

I just got back from beijing and since i read about the glasses city, i got my prescription ready with me...I manage to get both my prescription at simon optical , silk market, 2 glasses for on;y rmb 500. it can be ready the next day..and i got my self a good D& G and vercase sunglases casing for rmb10 each

louis wrote...2009-12-25

hello guys, I am french and in Beijing for 3 month. I've never been in that market yet, I want to know if I can find there real rayban (wayfarer), plus I want to fix sunglasses to my view this is possible? And for which prices (average) thank you!

john wrote...2009-07-27

this place is the best... i bought two pairs of glasses here, the first one at a english speaking store accross the street from this place in the smaller 'mingnuan' or something like that marke for 180 yuan, but after that i pushed harder and got sunglasses at a chinese store for 120

James wrote...2009-05-02

I have been both to the Silk market optical shop and this huge market. If you really enjoy glasses you should visit this market, it truly is an experience.

M wrote...2009-05-01

I ended up buying a pair at a similar shop in the silk market instead. Xiu Shui Optical if I remember correctly, located on the 4th floor at the north end of the Silk Market. Worth checking out as you are probably going to visit the Silk Market when in Beijing anyways

helena wrote...2009-02-25

I will be in Beijing soon, and I want to buy some new glasses, has anyone bought multifocal lenses, how much should I expect to pay, and when bargaining , let's say they give me a price, do I start by halfing the price, what should I use as a starting point for a serious bargaining session?

Dennis answered...

Helena: if I remember correctrly I paid 500 yuan for my pair of multifocal lenses. About the bargain. I would say it all depends on how much you want to pay and not what price the seller says. They have an article about bargaining here somewhere.
Good luck!

Jean wrote...2008-12-29

Great market, but difficult to get lenses that are correct (having a stigmatism may be my problem). Have brought many pairs home to US and replaced the lenses.

Dany wrote...2008-12-09

J; Yep. you can find fake brand name glasses here but remember tobargain.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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