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Alien's Street Market / Russian Market

Alien's Street Market / Russian Market

This market has only two floors so to compensate for that the stalls are filled to the brim with products. The selection of things are wider than some of the tourist markets but be aware of an equally wide range of quality difference.

On the ground floor you will find jewelry, makeup, shoes, handbags, suitcases, toys, ties, digital cameras, mobile phones, silk items, binoculars etc. Upstairs you will find a good selection of clothes, from leather jackets to stockings and everything in between.

Atmosphere and sellers

The market and the surrounding neighborhood is home to Russian traders and tourists so all sellers know at least a couple of Russian phrases.

Bargaining is a must but the sellers are polite, opposite to places like Silk Market.

Shopping in Beijing
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Suncica wrote...2018-10-03

Pozz..zanima me neko of prodavaca garderobe da se javi na e-mail.

Abraham Alvarez Huisa wrote...2017-10-19

Hello my name is abraham, I am from Peru, I am interested in obtaining the contact numbers of the sellers of excellent quality products, my number is +51 970497696

stayaway wrote...2014-04-10

Ladies be aware, I was groped by some creepy guy. Don't go behind the curtains! I had a bad feeling when I went in the place. Kids were running wild outside. The place just seemed dirty... Then that happened to me. Really a shame. I should of done something but was so shocked. definitely not the Beijing I've come to know. Don't go there.

cairns wrote...2013-09-13

I met a nice russain girl who i found out was a man

wan wrote...2012-10-14

hello, i want to know the operating hour. thank you

Ellen answered...

It says 9.30 to 7 pm on this page, don't know if it is correct.

Fiona wrote...2012-09-04

This is a small market but some great one off items can be found. Easy to get lost! Taxi drivers found it hard to locate so having directions and knowledge of the entrance will help you find it.

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