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Xidan Area

Xidan Area

When you realise that Silk Market, Yashow Market and HongQiao Market all have the same supplies, it's time to try out the locals' own shopping districts. This is where the inhabitants of Beijing gather to pick up their gear.

In the northern parts of the "Xidan Beidajie" street there are lots of small shops. The area also has several markets and malls. We know from experience that it's very possible to spend whole days here and still have ground left to cover. Start by visiting the Xidan Outdoor Market, which actually is largely indoors. The prices here can be very low and the supply of clothes and accessories is not too bad either. Then visit one of the larger markets east or north of this area and remember to always bargain, on Outdoor Market too.

If you are looking for more exclusive shopping, a good choice is Grand Pacific, located west of Xidan Beidajie.

Salespeople and atmosphere

Some salespeople know a few relevant phrases in English, but most of them don't.

Some of the markets can be very crowded on evenings and weekends.

Shopping in Beijing
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salina wrote...2013-11-23

hi, I will be arriving in Beijing 1 am. my hotel at shizi hutong but they they only allow check in at 12 pm. is there any transit budget hotel per hours that I can stay before I check in at my hotel. tq

salina answered...

hi again, im planning to take shuttle bus to xidan actually & wait there for train to hutong.

Rajiv wrote...2013-11-19

Hi, Where i can buy Cake decorating products from Beijing wholesale market

nop wrote...2013-03-28

I want to buy brand name clothing's and jewelries in china please where can I find cheep and quality deals,

Ruth wrote...2012-03-09

I heard there is a wedding mall called "New Wedding Shopping Center" where they sell wedding dresses and wedding accessories (e.g., veils, favors, etc.) in Xidan. Is it in the same area? Where is it and how do I get there?

Tanya answered...

Late reply but I know there are many wedding stores along Xidan street to the north of the mark on the map above.

mogi wrote...2012-02-15

where can i find original brand clothes in beijing? is xidan is right place or no? thank u

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Mogi!
Yes, Xidan has some big malls where you will find brand names. You can also check out the malls at Wangfujing or The Village at Sanlitun.

Misho wrote...2011-12-11

Welcome Shopping in beijing!
I'm Visting Beijing next saturday 17th decemmber, 2011 for a week and i wanna know the best place to shop for fashion cloths. near to sheraton beijing great wall.

lotte wrote...2011-10-19

Are the best restaurants inside or outside Xidan area?
How long and how much will a taxi cost from Yashow market to Xidan area?

altaweel wrote...2011-06-26

hi i am from iraq im a mershant for women clothing need to send my adress for shopping in biggin thank you so much

Malaz answered...

هذا ليس المكان المناسب لاتخاذ الترتيب& #1575;ت
التجا ر هنا لا يتحدثون اللغة

Mo wrote...2010-11-02

I speak English only...can I hire an interpreter in Xidan if I want to do clothes/shoes shopping?

Mo wrote...2010-10-27

I'm interested in visiting China but need to know where is the best place to buy the latest fashion in ladies clothing and footwear (not name brand). I'm looking for inexpensive but good quality items. I only speak English. Can you help?

Ray answered...

Seems like Xidan is what you are looking for. Not many sellers speak english but your next best choice is a tourist market with english speaking sellers but low quality "name brand" products.

Sarah wrote...2010-05-18

Hi there,
I'm traveling to Beijing and Shanghai in June 16th, 2010 for a week. I wanted to know when the end-of-season sales normally begin in Beijing and Shanghai? Thanks indeed pal :)

Balta answered...

Lol end of season sales. Good try

David wrote...2010-05-18

Hello, my name is David and I will arrive in Beijing next saturday and I stay there just for a week, I wanna know how is the best places to buy electronic things like notebooks & cameras (I dont wanna pay a lot of noney, just a good price)

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi David,
Check the Zhongguancun area for electronics. Prices are lower than the US and Europe but don't have too high expectations.

Colette wrote...2010-03-06

We leave for Beijing in 2weeks and my girlfriends want me to bring back Coach/Guess purses & designer sunglasses and my male friends want Tommy Bahamas shirts - which market is my best choice for quality knock-offs and how much should I expect to pay? I only have 1 shopping day!

Karen answered...

I would suggest Silk market or Yashow market. Both are good at knock-offs but be aware of the sales ladies, they can be really pushy and irritating. Start your haggling at about one tenth of what they ask for. Good luck!

Niamh wrote...2010-02-16

Hi, I'll be flying to Beijing in August for 4 months. I am female, 1.67m tall and a UK size 16. Will I be able to find any clothes big enough to fit me at the market?

Daniela answered...

Hi Niamh, Xidan is not the best place to shop for us that are larger than an average Chinese girl. You can go there and see but it will be easier to find something at Silk Street or Yashow. Good luck!

anni wrote...2010-02-13

it can be very hard to get a taxi in the afternoon!!!!

frank seixas wrote...2010-02-09

Hello There,
What is the best mall to buy clothes? The real deal? for man.

Tamina wrote...2009-04-09

Hi i intend to visit beijing soon please inform me the prices of kids clothes for age 5 and 8

Irene answered...

Hi Tamina. It all depends on what clothes you want. Prices range from 10 yuan for small shirts to 200-300 for real brand name clothing. If you are looking for cheap children clothes i am sure you will have no problem finding it here in Xidan, just stay away from exclusive malls like Grand Pacific

Asya wrote...2008-10-20

Thank you for information. I am staying in Xidan district amd planning 1 day for shopping. What places would you recommend to go to? I'm interested in clothes and fur coats (medium to high range)

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Asya! Xidan is a great place for shopping and you can check the markets on the map at Printable version.... For furs we would suggest the Russian district at Yabaolu. Here is an address for Furs at Yabaolu. However we don't recommend anyone to buy furs because of the beastiality in the Chinese fur Industry but we wish you a nice stay in Beijing.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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