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Shopping in Beijing

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Jon UK wrote...2012-12-16

I went looking today and all boarded up......after I walked up and down trying to find it!! Silk market good but busy, Hongqiao Pearl market less busy but not as wide range. Easier shopping experience though as you need your very tough haggling head on to get a deal a the Silk market!

Nadia answered...

When today to Sunny Gold Market. It was closed due to some major renovation i think. Correct me if im wronged. Maybe i when to the wrong one..

Santtu answered...

Sunny gold market has officially been closed
there used to be a good airsoft store there (hidden)

Kai wrote...2012-11-08

Today we went to Sunny Gold Street Market, and it seemed to be closed altogether - no light in there and nothing to be seen.

stephen wrote...2012-08-08

is the sunny gold street market open i heard that is was closed down if so where can i buy mens golf apparel at a good price

Lisa answered...

I have been there this month, and open. I saw men's clothing but did not buy. Prices can be fine if you bargain hard and be ready to move on. Go to Pearl market if you don't see what you want.

Lotta wrote...2012-01-08

What I have heard this market do not exist any longer. It closed during fall 2011. It might be a seasonal closing but we have heard it will not open again.

Sachin wrote...2011-08-05

I would like to buy a bicycle for my child 7- 8yrs old girl . Prferably new foldable type

Chris wrote...2011-08-03

Looking for Doll clothes for my daughter. I was told I could get them at sunny gold. anyone know if its true. 18" American girl doll


I was just in there the other day and if you walk in the doors on the right the doll clothes will be there to your left. Not a lot but they do have some.

ali wrote...2010-08-19

i whant to by good clothes and watches where i can do and how much i must pay for this can u tell me range of price of t-shirts watches jeans shose and more

patricio wrote...2010-06-25

I will be in Beijing in two weeks. Where can I buy a P88? Also if there are places where I can find Ipad or Iphone for a good bargain!

A wrote...2009-12-14

Upper floor in this market is closed.
New opening hours 10-22
Still the best prices as always!

a wrote...2009-12-10

hi, is it easy to get a taxi to and from wangfujing area to the sunny gold street?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi A,
There are always some taxis waiting for customers at the southern end of Wangfujing so it should not be a problem to get to Sunny Gold Street from Wangfujing.
Have a nice trip!

a wrote...2009-12-02

du you know if this market is closed?

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi A! The Sunny Gold Street is open as usual and we have not heard any plans of closing it down. If anyone knows something, please write to: contact@shoppinginbeijing.com .

a answered...

i go there on monday i let you know

a answered...

it's still open.

Kevin wrote...2009-10-12

This place was awesome and I bought so much stuff!

Patrick wrote...2009-06-06

are you able to buy air soft guns at the market??

Even Hansen wrote...2008-08-22

great webpage!...im thinking of going to beijing with the teach and travel progrmm, im def gonna check this page b4 shopping

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Thanks, Even! Hope you will have a nice stay in Beijing and feel free to send us an e-mail if you can't find what your looking for in Beijing.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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