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Silk Market

Silk Market

Up until 2005, this market was called Silk Street and had the same location but was an outdoor market. Today, everything is covered by a roof and this market is probably the most visited by foreign tourists in Beijing.

Just like HongQiao Pearl Market offers more than pearls, Silk Market offers a lot more than just silk.

In the basement floor you'll find shoes, belts, handbags and suitcases etc. On the first and second floors there are mainly designer clothes. Be careful to try on everything you buy here, to be sure you get the right size.

Silk products are sold on the third floor: ties, tablecloths, traditional clothes as well as dressing gowns, underwear and many other products made of silk, and children's wear. There are also tailors here, willing to make suits or dresses for tourists that often pay a little more than they should.

Floors four and five have jewellery, pearls, Chinese crafts and art, watches, electronics etc. Having walked all the way up here, you'll probably be quite tired of all the yelling salespeople pulling at you. In that case, continue to one of the restaurants on floors five and six, where you can sit down and eat something.

Salespeople and atmosphere

Since there are a great number of foreign tourists on this market, salespeople here are pretty good at speaking English. Moreover, they often know a few selling phrases in a number of other languages, like Spanish, Italian, German, French and Swedish. The salespeople are extremely pushy and the prices they suggest are high, so bargain a lot.

Shopping in Beijing
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jo wrote...2013-11-02

hi, can you pls tell me where i can find wedding poppers in beijing?

nadya wrote...2013-10-16

hey, im in beijing now, n im really scared of trying to go to the markets were we have to bargain with sellers. arent there any markets where the prices are already low?

Eve answered...

Hi! Usually the chinese local markets are better if you don't like the intence huggle. You might want to negotiate the price a bit if you want it to be really cheap. I know one market but i can't come up with it's name right now... i will check and write another post...

Eve answered...

This was the one i was thinking of: about?gl=us&hl=en and the building looks like this:
Me myself haven't been there for many years but as i remember it's a more calm place to go shopping than the more "touristy" markets. Just take subway line nr 2 Fuchengmen to get there.

ALI wrote...2013-10-11

hi im ALI i bought many clothes from silk market in the last years .im happy because they r in good condition even i use them long time so if any shop person or any body who is there can help me find my stuff from there i will be happy for information plz reply or mail . now im not in CHINA .

mada wrote...2013-09-13

is there any way that i can order online and ship it to me to the USA ?

tami answered...

i have been in the silk market. i would like to shope online. is it possible?

Confused wrote...2013-09-01

I am going to china in twelve months with a few close school friends, I am only 14 and a bit worried about haggling in the silk market, will the sellers underestimate me? lol


no they won't. just dont show them that u are new to bargaining. they are very concerned about doing business even for a very low price

lily answered...

no but when they see you are a foreigner they make the price ridiculously high. for instance if they tell you 200 you should tell them 30 or something like that.

samantha wrote...2013-07-16

hey I am going there and I want to know what the converse are like, can you tell the difference?, are they good quality? etc

Ove answered...

It's basically no difference from the real converse shoes. Real Chuck tailors are made in China, Vietnam and Indonesia and they do differ in how they are put together (eg. look at the oter sole), but the quality here is not really worse than any real pair as far as i know. But maybe someone else have had another experience? Anyway, good luck!

modele wrote...2013-06-17

hey nice i will visit the place in july next month cat wait to see am so excitee

Philip wrote...2013-06-08

I bought a watch today but seems not to work properly can i take it back.

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hello Philip!
It is not unusual that watches stop working soon after purchase, especially the 'automatic' watches without a regular battery.
Yes, go back to the store where you bought it, preferably with a receipt if you have one and say that it's not working and you want your money back. From our experience it happens that they won't accept that but are willing to replace it or fix it, and only on rare occasions the store owner has refused any refund or fixing a faulty product.
Good luck!

Susie wrote...2013-05-08

Hi - I have been to Silk Market a few times and loved it. Like above, the bargaining is very tough, but you have to have fun and enjoy the process :) you will end up with a good bargain if you set your limits on item. Would anyone know the name of the equivalent or similar market in Zhengzhou city? Somewhere to buy the usual watches, clothes, toys etc. Thanks

frances answered...

i like to by bed bed cover from the factory how do i get touch with them many thankstake care

Liliana wrote...2013-04-03

Hi, I am going to China and i am under wich place is it better to buy Beijin or Shangai?? I would like to buy a fake Gucci, LV or Chanel.... Tks a lot.

fay bing answered...

you should be ashamed of your self the real people are working for a living why do this buy the real thing ok dont do this o k its there liveing

Fred wrote...2013-04-03

Wante to purchase bronze buddha statue- 28 to 44 inches- and ship it home- where is there a store

Aleksandraaa wrote...2013-03-28

How much is Iphone 5 and Ipad 4 on Silk Market ?

aleka wrote...2013-03-23

i am looking for polo type silk t-shirts with a small pocket on the left.I have bought them before from silk market in Beijing . Can anybody help me find them ? I have paid 5 E each .

Jim wrote...2013-03-11

Hi, I am looking for Dorothy at Simon Optics, I would like to order more glasses from her.

Mary wrote...2013-02-06

How long is the Silk Market closed for during Chinese New Year 2013?

Jorj answered...

3 days, so it will be open again on the 13th of feb

Eric wrote...2013-01-21

Is there any Kansas City Royals merchandise here?

Catadreabenah wrote...2013-01-14

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Jean wrote...2013-01-04

Where can I find 18 inch dolls and clothing (a very popular american brand) ? Some co-workers went to Beijing a few years ago and found a wonderful shop but can't remember where.

Oliver wrote...2012-12-28

Hi. I am looking for somewhere in Beijing that sells art reproductions or prints of popular art works such as those by Pablo Picasso, Monet, and Andy Warhol. Is there any where in Beijing that has this type of art? Can I get the, at the Silk Street Market?

Will wrote...2012-11-22

Hi there, could anybody please give me a hint where I could get original Sony PlayStation3 in Beijing for the best price please? I`d appreciate it a lot! I`ll be first time ever, and have limited time. cant find anything online now. all the time I`m getting referred to the US stores. Thanks in advance, Will

Andrew answered...

I suggest you to go to Zhongguancun. I´ve seen it there.

jean wrote...2012-09-28

Hi, am in Beijing , can I get a samsung ld monito 64" original in silk market? Or other model at a chiper price?

Leire wrote...2012-08-25

I have bought last week a silk pajama.. but results is not silk.. they have lied me..

Jane answered...

Hi Leire! May I ask how you know that it is fake? I also want to buy some silk products to bring back home and give away but i have no idea how to spot real from fakes. It's a pity they lied but maybe it can help someone else. :)

ken wrote...2012-08-12

Will be going to Beijing very soon would like to buy the latest I-phone,any ideas where i can purchase one at a reasonable price ? Thanks!!

john answered...

Buy in your own country, prices are not so much cheaper. And a lot off the are fake.

Simon answered...

I agree with John. iPhones are not much cheaper in China then anywhere else and they fakes do look good at the first glance so it is risky.

Tracy answered...

Definitely buy in your own country... not worth the risk...

Toleda Wright wrote...2012-07-30

I am looking for Jenny who owned Bolly Pearl House in the Silk Market a few years ago. I had her e-mail address but I am not getting a response. She was located in The Silk Market at space D4-0070. Can someone tell me how to contact her?

Suzy answered...

Hi Toleda, I was in with Jenny from Bolly Pearls yesterday. Her contact details from her business card are phone: +86.10.51699118, or mobile: +86.13651214003. email:

Coco wrote...2012-07-10

My friend bought a few oil paintings from the Silk Market Beijing but cann't find the ladies card. She thinks her name was Mika - do somebody have contact details for this painter?

nazir wrote...2012-06-30

can i buy an iphone in the silk or pearl market

Samaad answered...

Hi! No, you won't find a real iPhone at Silk market just cheap copies. Go to Zhongguancun if you are looking for the real thing.

Shaun wrote...2012-06-28

Looking to buy beats, silk market the place to go or Pearl? Also, how can I tell if fake or real? Finally what is good price for studios--my friend bought some for 150¥ at pearl market and they are still working one year later...could I get them for less?

nazir answered...

You cant really tell unless they are limited edition then they are fake. Also I came here last year and, I got studios for $45. All you have to do is say a price that you want and if they say its too low then you walk out and they will give in.

Chez wrote...2012-05-28

Is it safe to buy IPhones or IPads in beijing

Rupert answered...

Hi Chez! Yes, it is safe if you get them at an apple store. At other places you can't be sure they are real even if you have a real one next to it and compare. At the apple store the prices are similar to those in US and Europe but if you get it at another place then be sure to get a really good price since it will probably not last so long.

Morder wrote...2012-05-21

Where can I find sport items (no clothes)? Which market?

Pris wrote...2012-05-19

Where can I have a tailor made cheongsam or chinese dress done? How long does it take?

Ling answered...

You can visit Yashow market (think it is the third floor) they have several tailor shops there. They can make you a qipao 旗袍 in 3-4 days or if you are in a rush they can make it faster but then it's more expensive. Remember to bargain.

Pris wrote...2012-05-19

Which market is better for good quality watches and bags. Pearl or Silk market?

Ling answered...

I would say that Hongqiao pearl market is the best for buying watches. I guess the quality is similar to Silk market but pearl market have more choices. For bags i would guess Silk market or Yashow.

Rick wrote...2012-05-16

Hi i am going to Beijing in a few days and i really want to buy a waterproof case for my iphone 4 . do you know where i find a good one?


yea me too . i wanna buy waterproof case for iphone 4S

Dan answered...

Hi, they probably have it at the third floor or check Hong qiao pearl market. If none of them have then try one of the malls at Zhongguancun.

zackie wrote...2012-05-15

do the shops at silk market take credit card or only cash? please let me know. thanks.


i took only cash , because you know its a market not a shop .

Dan answered...

They have an ATM at first floor.

Pupe wrote...2012-05-14

They are really very helpful information for the tourists.Thanks!

AAA wrote...2012-05-11

Where's the best place to buys MACs and electronics? Thanks!

Shopping in Beijing answered...

The area called Zhongguancun is the most popular place to visit for electronic equipment.

Siva chennai INDIA wrote...2012-05-06

Went yesteray and Man i like this place a lotttt and dn go if are not having the skil of bargaining ... u Can bargain with a smiling face all the time and don't quote your rate right away once they tell the price..If uquote thats it cant reduce after it .Better u can ask them saying ur rate is very expensive ..At later stages try making a walk away they mostly accept ur asking rate if it was acceptable to the product they sell.

sabina wrote...2012-01-06

I want to know price list of women saloon items on urgent basis and from where can I purchase near or in Silk market beijing

DANIEL wrote...2011-12-21

SELLERS here are not the worst, they are fun, please be immune form their aggression, it is bad bargaining tourist who make them this way, haggle your price down, no matter where you stop, there is lower,, jeans 8 bucks, shirts 10 bucks, t-shirts 5 bucks, i beat them badly, i got huge suitcase, biggest to haul the junk, $25 and even that was too high, $20 was had by some,,

Gogo wrote...2011-11-05

Am I able to get ps2 games and nintento games there? How's the quality?


silk market sellers are the worst seller in this world. better go to other places to buy them. silk market is the worst market in beijing. just so you know

Temirlan wrote...2011-10-12

where can I buy playstation 3 firmware version 3.55 is not higher in the Number of 40 pieces

Radiom answered...

Maybe check Zhongguancun? Or the toy market behind Hongqiao market. They have a lot of games consoles.

AZORA wrote...2011-10-06

I wish to have link with silk manufacturals in China. How do I hook up.

andy answered...

what exactly are you wanting and in what quantities, I have many contacts in the silk business in China

Shindo wrote...2011-09-22

Hi, do you know if its possible to buy a replica/copy Vertu mobile phone from here? Or could you give me a suggestion to where i could find one in beijing?
Thank you.


Lady street. beside the flower market near liang ma chao. or the US embassy. you can get all types of mobile phones there for a very cheap price. like what you are looking for and iphones or bb. :D

dorothy wrote...2011-05-11

since i will be coming to visit on saturday do u guys do suits from other materials??

Dan answered...

Other materials than silk? Yes, the tailors make regular suits. Silk market is just a name of the place, they sell some silk products and make silk dresses e.g. but most of what's sold isn't related to silk.

Reelers wrote...2011-04-27

Can I get a silk duvet and duvet cover in the silk market? Also, how much should I pay for a dress, or a dress suit in the silk market?

shishshish wrote...2011-03-26

Is the Silk Market open on Sunday? Same hours 9 to 9?

Evreka answered...

Sundays shmundays. There's no difference in china. Same opening times every day.

Bangbang wrote...2011-03-21

I really like your website! It has also the details I need! Good job!

Emerson wrote...2011-03-06

Hi everyone, yesterday sat 5/3 I lost a black bag with socks. If you have some news about it, pleaso let me know ... tks!

sweety wrote...2010-07-09

i woul like to where to shop for good a1 duplicate branded bags, watches n clothes

a1 answered...

Hi, this market and Yashow market are both good according to me. Yashow's sellers are a bit less rude.

lalo wrote...2010-01-22

Hello I stay 3 times in beijing and i doit good shoping in silk market, i need shoping now for interne to america can you send me information please, i want do business with your market
Thank you

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Lalo. is a guide to all of Beijing's fantastic markets and shopping places. If you want to contact Silk market please visit their website

a wrote...2009-12-14

Agressive sales men, pearlmarket much cheaper and friendlier

Margaret M. wrote...2009-08-31

Great place to shop. Make sure you bargin
on what you are buying. I go at least twice year.

me wrote...2008-10-15

where can you find the cheapest stuff

Tina answered...

You can find cheap stuff at this market but you have to drive a real hard bargain.

Hello everyone wrote...2008-09-09

his is a great site for a chinese student like me to get info off

Pia wrote...2008-03-25

i have been told that they are closing down all the markets for that true?!?!

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Pia!
During the last few years there have been some minor crackdowns on the major markets to keep the lobbyists at brand names such as Ralph Lauren and Gucci happy. That would be the only reason to close the markets down during the Olympics but we have not seen any signs that it will happen. We have heard this rumour before though, so we will keep our eyes open.

Eileen wrote...2008-02-10

Wow, the first comment! ;)
Nice, site! It'll surely be helpful information when I'm in Beijing in April.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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