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Visiting Panjiayuan is an experience in itself - whether you actually choose to buy something or not. The market is located a couple of miles east of the Temple of Heaven.

In the large courtyard, salesmen sit in rows with blankets filled with various jewellery, statuettes, vases, china, Mao-related items and more curiosities. To get the best experience, go there on weekend mornings, when the most salespeople are in position.

But even if you are not an early riser, there is a good chance that you will find something here. Besides those of the yard sellers who choose to stay until closing time, there are a hundred or so small shops around the yard. Here you will find art, pearls and jewellery, apart from more of what we already mentioned.

Salespeople and atmosphere

If you do not speak the language, it can be difficult to maintain any longer dialogue since most of the salespeople do not speak English. The negotiability of the prices varies a lot depending on the individual salesperson. Sometimes you hardly need to bargain at all. In the shops surrounding the yard, however, you should bargain harder.

Shopping in Beijing
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Reham wrote...2014-04-24

I'll be happy to know where can we shopping for wedding dress , groom suits , invitation cards & bridal accessories . I am seeking for good quality blus good prices . E-mail me plz .

wenny widowati wrote...2013-06-12

hi...i will stay at Howard Johnson Regal court, please advise what shopping mall near by this hotel for looking Bag, shoes, clothes branded

jim wrote...2013-06-07

looking for markets/shops/specialty areas for Buddhist statues. any suggestions?

Joy wrote...2013-01-13

I need a translator to shop Beijing with me January 14, 2012.

Jackline wrote...2012-03-02

I'll visit Beijing next month and will stay at Jianguo Hotel. How to get this point from the hotel? I prefer take a subway. thanks.

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Jackline!
Take subway line 1 in the east direction and change to line 10 at Guomao station. Go to the south end station, Jinsong, and contiue south by foot or taxi. To walk between Jinsong station exit D and Panjiayuan takes about 12 minutes.
Enjoy your stay in Beijing!

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Jackline!
Get to Guomao station (either go there directly or by subway line 1 from Yong'anli). From Guomao station you can take line 10 to the final south station Jingsong (take exit D). From there it's about 1 km to Panjiayuan, so take a walk or taxi.
Good luck!

marilyn suiter wrote...2011-03-09

I am looking for the silk factory close to the Pearl market where i purchased a silk mattress and a silk duvet,pillow,plus two roll pillows when I was living in beijing in 2007,I donnot remember the name but when we entered we were shown the silk worms and how the mattresses were made also had a very large retail area.My silk duvet is shredding and needs to be replaced,am looking where to purchase

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hi Marilyn! The market you are referring to is called Yuan Long Silk and it's located at the opposite corner of the big intersection just north of Hongqiao Pearl Market. Yuan Long Silk co at Google Maps. Let us know if you need more info.

Haim Shachar wrote...2009-07-25

dear friends
i will be happy to get mor details about
Sopping in Beijing

Shopping in Beijing answered...

Hey Haim, you can send us an e-mail and we will tell you more about our site.

Shopping in Beijing wrote...2008-01-02

You are warmly welcomed to comment, give tips or ask questions regarding this market or Beijing's shopping in general.

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