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HongQiao Pearl Market

HongQiao Pearl Market

Despite the name, HongQiao Pearl Market has more to offer than only its three floors of pearls and jewellery. On the ground floor you will find lots of MP3-players, digital cameras, web cameras, memory cards, DVD-players and various other electronics articles. There is also a large selection of watches and also some silk products, underwear, socks, Mao kitsch, flasks, etc.

On the second floor you will find brand wear, traditional clothes, more silk products, shoes, suitcases and handbags. Many of the shops here offer exactly the same products, which means there are good chances to push the price down if you are good at haggling.

The third floor is divided into two sections. The first section contains traditional Chinese art, ornaments, porcelain and chopsticks. It is in the second section that the Pearl Market proper begins. It stretches to floors four and five, where the shops are somewhat more exclusive than on the third floor.

If you have children, make sure not to miss HongQiao Toy Market, which lies behind the right side of the main building. This building also contains office equipment, Chinese tea sets, red lanterns and some sporting goods.

In May 2008 the market Tianya HongQiao Jewellery Market opened just behind the HongQiao Pearl Market. This new market mostly contains the same kind of products as the original HongQiao Pearl market.

Atmosphere and Prices

HongQiao Pearl Market is a market popular with both Chinese and international visitors from all the corners of the world. All shopkeepers speak English. Those on the first three floors tend to be quite persistent, whilst those on the top two floors are significantly less intrusive.
The asking prices are often quite high so it is important to haggle.

Shopping in Beijing
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